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All Glory to the Most High King of Creation for the blessing to share another album with everyone. InI am excited for the World to Get the Vibe from the New Mexico High Desert of the importance of WISDOM in a Hip Hop styles. In combination with 4 countries the music and attitude is a witness to the power of Rastafari and Hip Hop Globally. Good for all ages, and something that grooves..check out a sample of pick up the album at…BLESS!

And it will be on Amazon Music any day..Hard copies will be available very soon, put a pre order in by messaging INI or email stayed tuned..Music Video on the way!  Jah Bless!

Wisdom Album Cover Ras Elijah Tafari



Its been a long time in the making and the Hip Hop Album “Wisdom” will be released on Nov. 2nd 2017- Unless if your in Denver this Sept 10 Celebrations! For a special occasion, coming out tomorrow is a 16 page Book, of thoughts, lyrics, art, of the times and Emperor Haile Selassie I. It will a limited series, and will only be available through select outlets.

The Scheduled Release of the album officially is November 2nd, 2017 to Honor the 77th Anniversary of the Crowning of the King of Kings, Jah in Flesh, Emperor Haile Selassie I along side with Empress Menen Asfaw and Royal Youth. The Root of David and Conquering Lion of Judah as Earth’s True Rightful Ruler.


This album wouldn’t be possible without the great strength of Jose of Light Worker Productions, Jah Ivan of Good Over Evil Productions, DeeZee of UnderDog Productions, By the River Productions along with Brother Immanuel from TSHIHION IHIYHTHZH Music, Brother Diles of Visceral View, Brother Charles X and K-OTIC, Robby from Underwater Productions, Brother Mark Seville, and some O.G.’s that always stay hidden. You know who you are.


The Books are 15.00 and come with the CD, that will be available from a select few, inbox INI if you want to have one put on hold. We also have a lovely Music Video Coming soon from Brother Lucas of THICITY Productions! Thank You King!  The album will be all over and widely available Jah Willing, Let ones know and I pray that it is a strength in the world, where there is so much information and so little WISDOM.


Wisdom Album Cover Ras Elijah Tafari

All Praises due to the Jah the Father, Son and Mother of Creation. ONE JAH. Rastafari!

DuttyBookMan Tour. AUG 3-4 Rastafari Reasoning and Art Show. NM

The New Mexico Rastafari Collective is proud to present  Brother Dutty BookMan, Jamaican Rastafari, activist, teacher, author and DJ. His books include:

“FATIDIC” Selected Duttyisms  and

TRIED & TRUE : Revelations of a Rebellious Youth (2011)

He has worked close with the Marley family and foundation, and founded his own Arts and Culture foundation “Manifesto Jamaica” based in Toronto which is a youth empowerment non profit leadership organization . DuttyBookman will be in New Mexico for several days, making a stop in Las Vegas and Albuquerque. We will be proud to have him at “The Sector” in 122 La Veta Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 From 6-8pm. InI and Ras Zakariah will be showing Our art and will enjoy the reasoning with our big brother. Expect a High Vibe of Social and Rastafari Livity Culture. Clearly from His Name, honoring the ancestors thru Our Purpose and works to be channeled for our nation. The Event is free, any donations will be welcome so we can also contribute to the Youth programs sponsored by DuttyBookMan. He will be in Las Vegas NM Aug. 3 at New Moon Fashion back yard. 5-9pm.

AFTER THE REASONING ON AUG. 4TH we will be going DOWNTOWN to join The Hip Hop Community and we will be at 4th and Central at the Cypher that is held on the First Friday of every month. It LIVE and FREE, with DuttyBookMan spinning and live art and dancing…if you have been there you already know. If you haven’t its real, check it. 20120817_1554044271334461_1659429975_n

You can learn about DuttyBookMan and check his books and works at:

and here is a great reasoning:



Thank you Ras Zakarias for all the hard work and organizing. Thank You every one at the Sector for helping the community with Culture and Art to uplift the community, likewise thank you New Moon Fashion for Itinual support! Big Up to Cyrus for bringing Hip Hop back to the streets.  Las Vegas, Albuquerque, lets get together and feel alright. Its going to be a revolutionary Sabbath. Please share and tell a friend. Roots and Culture time.

Jah Bless, One Perfect Love.

Ras Elijah Tafari.

ON the Radio: Famous Hip Hop Radio. New Releases.



Bless Up Fam. InI will be on the Famous Hip Hop Radio tonight with DJ Pandamonium Michael PanPan Lujan !! 6-8pm Mountain Time sharing new tunes from upcoming projects from Colin Diles Hazelbaker of Visceral View, Jah Ivan of Goodovaevil Productions, and Deezeey Derek MoyerRobby Nicolaije Underwater Productions out of Belgium and will drop a collab tune to hear for the FIRST time with Def-I Christopher Mike-Bidtah. Plus, I will drop some stuff live, believe that. Tune in at :, and get the app. on your phone to hear it, good music all the time. LOVE AND LIFE.


Rockefeller=Monsanto.Aerial Spray/ Zika. Atomic Unholy Alliance.

I was not aware the US Government via the  Manhattan Project hired Monsanto to help build the first atomic bombs in 1943. Nor was I aware that the Zika Virus is created/ patented by The Rockafeller Foundation and family in 1948.  Rockefeller Funded various German eugenics programs, including the laboratory of Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, for whom Josef Mengele worked before he went to Auschwitz.

ZIKA  Creation and Patent :source

Put these two together on an Island famous for experiments on the locals and you see an unholy wedlock of terror over a territory, a colony. Right now there is a battle in Puerto Rico over the future of everything. Especially the health of the people, land and bee’s. The media is now covered in Monsanto lobbyists trying to use the Zika Virus as an excuse for aerial spraying that will last weeks if not months, and destroy/alter all organic matter. The proposed use of NALED which is toxic without evidence of working against mosquitoes effectively is made by Monsanto and subsidized with US dollars. Against the will of the Puerto Ricans, after harsh austerity measures, has the  US government wanting to spray toxic gas that has been documented as is illegal in the USA, and was stopped more than 20 years ago.


I will present evidence that this aerial spraying is part of an ongoing DE-population plan for the benefit of the elite to gain total control over the Island and resources and kill as many locals as possible.

Eugenics by the US government is real here, “Operation Bootstrap.” secretly sterilized the women of PR from the 70′s to 80′s at one point reaching 39% of the female population in 1981.

In 1948, on the Island of Vieques US NAVY commenced bombing exercises which continued for 55 years. Over the course of their stay, more than 22 million pounds of military and industrial waste was deposited on the island. The island was bombarded an average 180 days per year and in 1998 the Navy dropped 23,000 bombs on the island. As a result of all this, the cancer rate in Vieques is 27% higher than in the mainland. Most of the elements and toxic compounds dumped in the island were arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, depleted uranium and napalm. Studies show that the ground water in Vieques is contaminated by nitrates and explosives. Testing done in the Lcacos Bay showed concentrations of cadmium in crabs 1,000 times greater than the World Health Organizations tolerable ingestion maximum dosage. Heavy metals have been found in other species of fish.

041808 Vieques2 Story

As a result of all this, the cancer rate in Vieques is 27% higher than in the mainland. Most of the elements and toxic compounds dumped in the island were arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, depleted uranium and napalm. Studies show that the ground water in Vieques is contaminated by nitrates and explosives. Testing done in the Lcacos Bay showed concentrations of cadmium in crabs 1,000 times greater than the World Health Organizations tolerable ingestion maximum dosage. Heavy metals have been found in other species of fish.

Pedro Albizu Campos declared he was being radiated while imprisoned, In 1994, under the administration of ex-president Bill Clinton, the United States Department of Energy disclosed that human radiation experiments had been conducted without consent on prisoners in Puerto Rico during the 1950s and 1970s.

Dr. Cornelius Rhoads was an American doctor and pathologist that became infamous for performing several objectionable experiments with human beings. In 1931, sponsored by the Rockefeller Institute, Rhoads deliberately infected several Puerto Rican citizens with cancer cells. Supposedly, thirteen of the patients died. Dr. Rhoads once said in a written document: “The Porto Ricans [sic] are the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever to inhabit this sphere… I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more… All physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.” An investigation done in 2003 by bioethicist Dr. Jay Katz found that the accusations were well founded and documented.

In the early 1950s the Puerto Rican women were used for experimentation in the making of the first birth control pill. The Pill was invented by Dr. Gregory Goodwin Pincus but strict laws in the U.S. didn’t permit full scale experimentation. In 1955 Dr. Pincus and his colleague, Harvard obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. John Rock visited Puerto Rico and then decided it was a perfect place to test out their pill due to the lack of anti-birth control laws. The trials began in Rio Piedras but quickly moved throughout the poor sectors in the island. The experiments was based on poor and working class women; these women were not told the pill was experimental and were not told the negative effects the pill could have on them. Three young women died during these experiments and no investigations were conducted to determine cause of death.

Using Economics to force the people out is another story in which people have gone from their farms to the city to then be pushed out to the USA, where they will hope not to live in poverty while on the island another banker picks up his birthright for pennies on the dollar. There is and has been an assault on the people of Puerto Rico for decades, and  now laws are being enacted that lower the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) Guidelines so that havoc can be released in the air and water which is no longer being tested.

What we have seen is that there has been ongoing experiments that have been documented and discovered decade after decade, why would they stop now when they have successfully made 1.5 million Puerto Ricans leave in less than 10 years? It seemed the Politicians both in Brazil as well as in Puerto Rico weren’t done selling out the poor so that the rich could take it over in the name of “Debt” or the Olympics which is usually accompanied by gentrification scandal. What do they have in common, using chemicals to harm the people and then blame it on GM mosquitoes that they created in a lab.


The debt that has been imposed on Puerto Rico is owed to Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers own the Federal Reserve who are not happy that they are not getting the vulture interest and debt massed by Puerto Rican political insiders. Further more, how are they going to get there money, they are going to charge it to the US taxpayer, and get the government to buy from Monsanto agents to kill the people and increase their agenda. but why, is it because they are, Xerox, Boeing, Westinghouse, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, International Paper, Pfizer, Motorola, Monsanto, Union Carbide and General Foods. Thats right, Rockefeller Family owns Monsanto, as well as 25% of all assets of the 50 largest US commercial banks and 30% of all assets of the 50 largest insurance companies. They are planning on taking it all. Its not that they are working together, it is that since the 1940′s this Nazi Scientific Eugenics Ideology is doing the same work from different sides of the world. Owned by Rockefeller. At its worst, they have brought the World, Atomic Weapons and a Massive Nuclear Weapons race. One company, are all the companies. One family using local corrupt politicians to sell what isn’t theirs and control the media/debate/education.

And its on, Monsanto has released there lobbyists to take over the google search engines and bombard the media with threats and scare tactics, mocking anyone that proposes the dangers to the environment. This is because of the outcry of the people that still hasn’t been loud enough, but is organized and pushing for action. Whether educating others or calling the Governor, CDC, or going there, actions are amplifying to every major town in Puerto Rico.

I hope this investigation will help others realize that the US Government and there military agenda is based on Economics, which is the Rockefeller’s as well as the Rothschild family business, aka Banks and Federal Reserve. Monsanto is just a wing of their military branch and have committed crimes against humanity. We as the future and people of the Earth need to address them for what they are, Monsters. Nazi, racist human hating monsters.

The evidence is clear and been build up for decades, and we have to realize it is a Military effort aligned with international business to destroy and take over. Right now there is only two people that can call off the spraying, The Governor of San Juan, Alejandro Gracia Padilla, (787) 721-7000

and CDC Director Tom Frieden. 404-639-3286

It is important to call them, email and visit to let them know, that the risks are too high and the people will not tolerate blatant lies coming from their offices. NALED is not safe, we cannot gamble with the future of the Island or the planet by listening to those who profit off its misery.


Lightening Strikes.Puerto Rico,from a Rastafari perspective pt.1

We are in a time where serious people make history, and it seems so many have distracted themselves or hid themselves at the dis service of society. No matter where, and perhaps I am guilty as well in not helping as much as humanly possible.


A few days ago, I heard the news that the Beaches in Puerto Rico are going to be sold and laws were being passed to facilitate it. I have been to the Occupado “occupy” movement beside the Marriott in San Juan and saw the last 5 acres of the open and wild beach being defended by a hand full of environmentalists and the Local Rastafari Movement.  As they set up Solar powered sound systems and planted indigenous trees, I felt a feeling of hope, though surrounded by hotels that had encroached on the beach, essentially stealing public property. Puerto Rico is the home to huge numbers of Turtles that nest and migrate here, the beaches are not just wonderful for the people, they are the life source of huge numbers and kinds of turtles. When I heard of these laws being changed in order to sell the beaches it was slap in the face to those who have occupied the beach at great personal cost and risk for over 10 years as well as Puerto Ricans as a whole. It was also the feeling of the beginning of the end. Four days ago now seems like a lot of time…

On Wenesday, June 28th, The “Promesa” bill was passed, NJ Sen. Bob Menendez & Sen. Bernie Sanders called it “Colonialism at its worst.” Since that moment the very real threat of Monsanto fumigating us became a rumor, that made many of us nervous and un-prepared. I realized then, that it doesnt matter what you are doing or had planned, that when that time happens where you are ripped out of your ” bubble” to look at the bare fact that the US government aka BIG BUSINESS is forcing rush decisions to make it’s lasting blow. This has been really a hundred years in the making, 1898 The US forced the people to trade in their money at a 40% loss, and make farmers pay land taxes while allowing rich Americans to not have to pay any tax, local or federally, it spiraled to where the farmers sold the land and moved to the city, and 80 years later, the city is the mainland US. where millions of  Puerto Rican people have gone, in epic proportions. There has not been this many Puerto Ricans gone since the genocide of the Native Taino by the Spanish. Economically forced out or banished, and the land laid to waste until a foreign investor comes around.


Now let me come in here, and say what many of you may be thinking, am I a foreigner, who wants to start a Rastafari Community, buy land, ect… the answer is yes, but that doesnt mean I want to see anyone’s land devaluated, or cultures disrespected or societies where second class citizenship is acceptable. There is no respect for the man who enjoys how much his dollar can get him in a country that has been systematically robbed for hundreds of years. We represent Rastafari, a movement that believes in preservation of Native Culture, Human Rights and the end of Colonization. We are mostly farmers and feel that liberation and liberty is a Spiritual Movement. It is the point of Life, and seeing it denied to anyone is like being in a crime scene. AND that is what Puerto Rico has become, a giant Crime scene in which many are confused, or have built a false hope that justice in America actually exists.

I have had to have to serious reasoning’s with many, and I want to remind people what the USA has done its poor citizens as well as other nations, no matter the color or background. About the Depleted Uranium they used on Iraqi’s, leaving mutated children and also creating gulf war syndrome. About Flint, Michigan and Detroit. About Crack-Cocaine in California that spread across the hemisphere by the USA Government and  openly taught in University. Crimes that get covered up only to be revealed and the people refuse to hold anyone accountable. This dis empowerment and control of the people is global, where the people dont feel like they can reach these criminals and bring them to justice. Here is why, and it is important for Puerto Rico to know too, THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY OR GOVERNMENTS, ITS ALL ILLEGAL, IT IS AN OLIGARCHY. THIS IS RUN BY THE BANKS FOR THE BANKS…HOW DO YOU ARREST A BANK? AND WHO HAS…that is another subject for a different day. Back to Puerto Rico…

whole piece

It seems we are out of time, that Big Business is here and says they own the spot.. That we are power-less, Well I dont accept that. Being an artist, a friend and I I hit the streets with a mural, which was on an abandoned school, in Aguadilla. The painting was inspired by a cartoon I has seen on this great blog and website, War on All Puerto Ricans (titled after the book). As I painted it , it seemed to go into its own world, where the neighborhood wanted to be included. Hence ” Real G 4 Life.” perhaps a local gang or just a motto, it seemed relative. We need heroes, we need the Real G’s for Life to stand up. No one see’s that real shit coming, but that is what it takes, and when everyone stands up then we have power.. in the next few days, I would realize that the people here could all stand together and it wont change a thing for them, for us it is good and important, but for the big money and power, they dont care, thats why they have politicians so you can blame them and they can lie and write stuff and the people will think change has happened.

This is the back ground, this drama is under way and there is a lot to report, right now things are getting worse and it looks like it will get incredibly bad unless something changes quick. The UN had a meeting on Monday, sponsored by Cuba with the support of many Latin America Countries for Puerto Rico to have equality and justice in some way, whether as a full fledged state or as a Independent Country. Ones can see the details for themselves, what needs to said here, is that relying or hoping for justice for a country that is founded on injustice and is married to a military industrial complex is a disaster.  Can we not see that The United States is a nation that profits from war and turmoil? Naomi Klien in “Shock Doctrine” speaks perfectly about this.

Rastafari has another way, and to Conquer this suffering must be looked at as a Spiritual Movement, based on the precepts of Christianity, for Human Rights and Sovereignty to be respected and protected. We need to look at all Caribbean and surrounding Islands to Latin America to seek out the commonality of not being under the thumb of US laws that prohibit our trade, ports and movement. We Must Arise the Love of God within the People to Love the People whom are the Children of God. Puerto Rico needs to see positive change as a mission from God to save and protect this Island, its people, rivers and future generations. I hope this turmoil makes the desire for independence come forth, but we as Rastafari must do our best to lead from all over the world to help communicate and form a union that can collectively bring security for this whole region, and the Earth. We have received the news that we are going to be gassed with ” NALED ”

NALED is supposedly an insecticide…but it is actually a “leading edge clinical trial drug.” The DBCP experimental derivative called NALED is now produced by Valent USA, which has a global collaboration agreement with Monsanto. NALED is technically called Dibromo-2-Dichloroethylphosphate. This is a derivative of Dibromo-3-Chloropropane (also known as DBCP), which farmers in all 50 states stopped using as of 1985.

They say its to fight mosquitoes but evidence shows it doesn’t work on mosquitoes. It does kill bees and will mix into the water supply. In truth, there needs to be an independent investigation into whether Zika virus has been a media weapon and excuse to use mosquitoes to spray everyone with toxins that are known to cause cancer and birth defects, ( only to blame the mosquitoes). Brazilians say the area that has the most birth defects are the places that were sprayed 18 months ago. Is this a depopulation experiment? It wouldn’t be the first on the island, which has been bombed and sprayed for over 50 years in US experiments.  Today I saw a pregnant woman, it took me a minute to realize I haven’t seen many here, and it is now on every news tv channel, the government saying don’t have children or get pregnant. It seems like from every direction they want the population to go away here, and if the native wont leave, The USA will tax, rob, and slash him until there is only the defiant in which will be gassed, denied doctors,  and left to die. Unless something changes, Unless we change as well, things will not improve. There is so much more, I look forward to sharing and learning, This is Ras Elijah Tafari from Puerto Rico signing out for now.  Pray for the Earth, Pray for the People, Pray for Courage in the face of evil.Pray for Puerto Rico and May All Nations be able to have a Right Government, for the People and by the People.


In the Name of Jah The Father, Jah The Son, and Jah The Mother of Creation. One Jah.

Emperor Haile Selassie I Negast Negus I, Jah Rastafari.


Thank You Reggae Festival Guide for 22 years of work!

The Reggae Festival Guide is Out! Now that everyone has a cell phone, this is the first issue to be digital only. For years we took for granted the action packed magazine with events and articles that shared and showed love for the movement and music. I would like to first honor everyone that has worked for years to bring knowledge to the world, and say we will miss not having the hard copy, but are in debt as it is for the works and time put into the issues year after year.                 

Kaati RenoIrene JohnsonGoran Petko and Anthony Postman for the Hard work!

Screen shot 2016-06-18 at 7.02.31 AM

“In “The Inspiration — Rastafari To The World!”, Groundation lyricist and frontman Harrison Stafford highlights his Rasta-mentary film Holding On To Jah, which details Haile Selassie’s 1966 visit to Jamaica and its lasting impact, and features thoughts from reggae luminaries such as Joseph Hill, U-Roy and others.
Steel Pulse has been one of the primary bearers of the reggae torch, keeping the original Rasta message strong. Dive into Dreadtown — The Steel Pulse Story: Film Crowdfunding And Direct Support From The Fans” to learn more about the upcoming documentary film on this legendary band’s ethic and epic rise to worldwide acclaim.
From reggae business manuals, to a book with in-depth roots artist interviews, to a DVD about Rastafari, Chuck Foster returns with this latest installment of “Readings For Reasonings.”
Join us as we peer into the life, history and culture of Jamaica, Africa, reggae and Rastafari in “Cultural ViZions,” featuring visual artists Abba Yahudah, Jeffrey Samuels, André Jones a.k.a. Natty Rebel and Ras Elijah Tafari.
In “Roots Rock Rhythm — The Universal Heartbeat,” international yoga teacher Shiva Rea reflects upon some of the original heartbeat drum rhythms of reggae, and the transformational power the reggae beat has upon our hearts and souls.”

Next article I will publish the art that was published for the first time in RFG 2016.  All Praise unto Our Father for Life and Sharing. Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari!

Singing at Capital Building for “420″ San Juan Puerto Rico *2016*

What a joy and strength to see and sing at the Freejuana 420 Event in San Juan Puerto Rico. I-man had never attended a march in PR and it was a great experience. As a Ras, I was very thankful to see decades of Rastafari teaching manifest in many forms and facets. All evening I heard the name of King Selassie I and Justice echoed thru the pillars of the Capitol Building. The organizers and journalists can tell you more details, for now, I will post photographs of the event and let it speak for itself. Hopefully the videos will come out as well! DSCN1672

Ras Elijah Tafari Live In San Juan 420 Event.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 10.15.32 PM

From the moment we arrived we were photographed and filmed by the police, but that dont bother us….
Ras Martin, official Nyabinghi Representative for Puerto Rico, with the Elder. Royal Salute.
Reggae Vocalist Bongo-I! Performing Jacob Miller’s ” tenement yard”
Amazing Roots Vocalist Gomba Jahbari!!!DSCN1677

Rastafari Art and Cd’s, if you want a chalice let InI know! Rases around with amazing skills.

New Tune from Misael released 4/20/16, special!

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 6.17.09 PM

” Nos Vamos Por Ahi” Achete Music. Roots Reggae Puerto Rico. 420 Live on the steps of the Capital Building. Hector “DE NEGRO” Reyes on Bass! I gotta learn everyone’s name…chale.

Here is a video!

Organizers speaking….many people were arrested and this was worked out..hablo espanol es de question?420 FREE JUANA RALLY 2016

Here are a couple more videos, and I hope where ever you are, you are fighting for the Rights for all people to access the food and medicine the Most High Gave Us for Our benefit. Legalize the Herb. For Jah made it, and who and what is man that he can disagree with His Maker.

Wendell Daddy & Macka Blaze “Mr.Babylon/Fuego A Babylon” @ “El Capitolio” San Juan, PR 4/20/16

420 Freejuana PR. San Juan


THE PRINCE, 50 Year Anniversary of Haile Selassie Arrival in JA.

It seems Most Important to Reflect on April 21st, 1966 and 2016, for it is The Arrival of the House of David in Flesh. Not just for the Rastafari Community but the World Community, not just for the Spiritual Community but Our Shared Collective History. We are Blessed to be here in this time. Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari.13092039_221395424900948_6530326591326877554_n

As a Ras, in the Movement of Rastafari, this will be an editorial, and also an opportunity to speak to what many of Us feel about the importance of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s arrival in 1966 and consequential His Grandson’s Arrival to the day 2016, April 21st.  selas

I am sure that there are many around the Globe that had we known of Prince Ermias Sahl Selassie I was going to come to Jamaica, would have been there, when I heard, it was a most pleasant surprise! I learned from a Bobo Man that was telling InI that H.I.M. Grandson was at the Bobo Camp, 9 Mile Bullbay, at that very moment. Aware of the timing, InI was immersed in a Royal Feeling that only Rastafari could provide. Our joy of The Ethiopian Royal Family is the Joy of Our Reunion with Our Living History, Shared Father, Our beloved most missed continent and of the Word of Jah. The Bible, or Scriptures, still unfolding and writing itself on the streets of Kingston.  This amazing History of a truly Wise King that changed Human Destiny, being from the foundation of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, (Ethiopia) to emerge as a figure with foresight and incomparable  dignity, to have graced the Island of Jamaica and many other places, would be the teacher and guide for the forsaken and poor as well as generals and heads of state. 13051489_1163406967037928_2147414114609730073_n

He Would be a beacon of the God in Flesh, God in Thought, in HIM and in Us as His People. Among the actions His Imperial Majesty initiated in Jamaica in 1966 was the building of Haile Selassie I High School, as well as an Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Both of Which H.I.H. Prince Ermais Sahl Selassie, His Wife Princess Saba Kebede, would visit. It is Spiritually Important for an African People enslaved mentality and spiritually by the West to have ways to educate themselves from an African Perspective, His Majesty knew this. Further Emperor Haile Selassie I freed Our existence as Rastafari peoples to exist physically. 3 years after a bloody massacre in Coral Gardens where Rastafari communities were attacked by police, The King of Kings requested Our Presence. The Government of Jamaica at the time hoped that His Imperial Majesty would denounce His Divinity, as the Colonial Government had formally requested twice previously. When He did not, and instead awarded and met the different branches of Rastafari, History was made.


RACQUEL PORTER Observer staff reporter wrote:

Prince Ermias and his entourage also made stops at the University of Technology, University of the West Indies, The Micro University, and Jamaica College, where he was greeted by former prime minister Bruce Golding, who attended the school.

Golding, who said he remembered vividly Emperor Selassie’s visit in 1966, said the spiritual leader visited at a time of great significance when Rastafarians were oppressed and ostracized by society. He said Emperor Selassie’s visit created a platform on which Rastafarians were able to command the respect that they deserved.

Prince Ermias, in his response, thanked the Jamaica College family for the warm reception.

“You are the future …very bright people who would become future prime ministers, future scientists; but the important part of education is that you also have morality that goes with it that distinguishes what is right from what is wrong; what is just and what is unjust. Too many times today …we turn against what may seem a challenge because it doesn’t seem to resolve anything. What makes the difference and what makes leaders [are] principled commitments and if you work hard there is nothing you can’t achieve,” Prince Ermias told a group of Jamaica College boys.selassie5

As The Prince and Princess arrived, on a Thursday just like 1966, the air was alive in a way many never would thought would happen again,  many of the people there whom were there 50 years ago, in the same spot, looked into the sky longing to see the House of Israel. When The Royal House Solomon arrived, surprising the crowd of Ethiopian Flag waving patriots, They came from among-st the people shaking hands and touching as many as they could right away, for many it was like touching the hand of God, and seeing the Son and Father as One. In a Purple shirt with a Purple tie, an air of Ethiopian Warmth and natural African homage was present to the young in celebration of Haile Selassie I. Seeing the children there with their fathers and mothers, with the children of the Emperor restored a bond that will last generations to come. Jamaicans, whom earlier was have seen and sat with the Children of Marcus Garvey, it seemed fitting and very humble of the Royal Family to officially lay a wreath and pay respects to one who loved Ethiopia and Jamaica, one who laid the way for Black Awareness of Self to arise, Marcus Mossiah Garvey. Seeing the Grandson’s of these great men arise in this time, and go out there way to honor and love InI the Rastafari community is a gift and sign from The Creator.  13062447_1163406807037944_1577143076425751309_n

Rastafari as a movement in its many forms showed up to greet and listen to Prince Ermias Sahl Selassie during his trip. From around the World,  in debt to what His Family and what His Grandfather has given, had an opportunity to build. We will no doubt see the seeds germinate and blossom in the future, In a gracious gift for the betterment of the young and old, HIH Prince Ermias Sahl Selassie, official Spokesman of the Crown Prince Zere Yacob, of the Crown Consul of Ethiopia, gave to the Haile Selassie I High School 600,000 dollars for the further education of Jamaica’s future.68fc6889-038b-4453-b763-dc497d593498

I was moved seeing the footage of hundreds of cars with Red Gold and Green Banners waving, I am proud of Our Collective Ethiopian Identity, of Our longevity and reach, and of Our Survival. Thousands of years thru indigenous ties, to scriptural ties, sown together in a Liberation Movement that encompasses Our Essence itself…and still unfolding.13062236_1163409597037665_3121447384477445158_n

As I finish, I reflect on the rain that washed over the island in 1966 and allowed Us as a people to flower, I reflect of the sacrifices made by countless Ethiopians in defense of Her freedom, I reflect on loved ones lost by the Royal Family and inspired by their strength and wise guidance. The pain of Black Nations and African Continent is a birthing pain, Our Survival is the testimony to those who stood for Freedom before us. I thank the Royal Family for their kindness and steadfast unity for the cause to better humanity. InI thank the Elders in the Rastafari Faith who stood then, now and forever, for the King of Zion, the Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of Jah, and Earth’s Rightful Ruler, the Root of David, Light of World, His Imperial Majesty Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I. Let Jah Be Praised!13083091_1163407093704582_5442402343188649222_nselassiedrummingLove! More to come soon, look out for further articles. Organize and Centralize Jah People.

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Thank you Claude Sinclair for the videos and record keeping.


Topics for the 50th Anniversary of Emperor’s Arrival in Jamaica

A fellow Ras, has noted some very important questions that those of us seasoned in the Rastafari faith need to look at and address. This is a personal and mystic trod, we have a duty to be heartfelt and honest in what we can do for the progress of Righteousness, The Earth, Africa and Christianity, thru reasoning and planning and action. Because some of these questions are faith based they will be answered by experience and may differ from others due to experiences. I thank Gebre Medhim Samuel for his care and attention in these spiritual matters.


Topics for discussion amongst all Rastafari in light of the forthcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations of His Imperial Majesty visit to the Caribbean in April 1966:

1. Is Atse Haile Selassie descended from the union of Solomon and Sheba as presented in the Kebra Negast in light of the questions raised in many academic circles – see Chant Down Babylon” ?

Ras Elijah Tafari: Yes, His Imperial Majesty is descended in Flesh thru the union of King Solomon and Queen Mekada of Sheba. His family Tree which goes back to King Ori is clear and complete. I have that list on this cite of that linage and it is widely available.

2. How does one address the contradictions between what His Imperial Majesty says concerning himself and Christ and what main stream (Nyabinghi, Boboshanti and Twelve Tribes) says concerning the ascribed divinity credited to him.

Ras Elijah Tafari:   Since each Tribe of Rastafari see’s The Christ differently we can only cite what His Imperial Majesty has shown. He worked and lived with those of many faiths, whose differences about the doctrine of Christ varied drastically,  The Emperor’s focus was on the Love of the One Creator, that Our Unity is crucial. When He convened the first meeting of the Eastern Orthodox Churches since the Counsel of Nicaea, many Orthodox Churches did not attend. There was no malice, only a feast that some had missed. His Imperial Majesty Loves Christ and is a Christian. He also wanted people to know the Gospels. We know seeing Italy war on Ethiopia that Christians can vary to the point where they can kill each other without true reflection of what Christ taught. Because faith and knowledge builds thru years and choosing  The Scriptures and Christ, we are never done learning as long as it is where we give attention. In my opinion, no two people believe the exact same thing, we are different in growth and by what we are Blessed to have revealed. Our views are as unique as our fingerprints and this is something that should be embraced. Argument of doctrine as thousands of years has demonstrated, will not free the people nor be the works of the King.  Research and humbly sharing would be the best for education and preservation for generations to choose the Right. Through Living the Teachings we ascend theologians. We are based on African Liberation for which our faith is the fuel for the works to be fulfilled. It is International Morality which we want to see attained and then preserved.

3. Has the Ethiopian Church abandoned the Royal Family of Ethiopia or does the Synod in Exile continue to recognize HIM and his achievements in the Church?

Ras Elijah Tafari:  Each Ethiopian Church ( perhaps each Ethiopian ) has its own relationship the Rastafari faith and its own views on the Emperor. Many of Us in the Rastafari Movement have met those within and outside Ethiopia, clergy in the Orthodox Church, that have a deep love for Atse Haile Selassie I. The Royal Family has watched for years a Church divided within itself, some Churches have stayed focused while others bicker and blame. Nothing new, but for Ethiopian it is. The Importance we place of The Conquering Lion of Judah as the Almighty is Capitol Moment. The ability to see the Name Haile Selassie I, Power of Trinity shouted in four corners of the Earth is tremendous. For Word Sound and Power and for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Churches would be wise to mark His Achievements as we celebrate in theirs as Ours in the longevity of the Emperor’s legacy. They would also be Blessed to help support the Royal Family, as a symbol of humility in cooperation with Ethiopian Understanding and Virtue, Knowing that it would be a Holy Service. Some of Us are closer to the Monarchy than others and for many in the faith, the concern of the Monarchy, is based on the people’s own development in multipal areas. The Monarchy is authentically concerned for the well being of Africa and Ethiopia, so they have not pushed their divine right, but encouraged us all to unite with each other on that which we agree. That now is the time to lead Ourselves. As for the Synod, only he can speak for himself.

4. Should Rastafari accept the Ethiopian Crown Council, as represented by HRH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie Haile Selassie, as the legitimate voice of the Royal Family and if so can he speak to Rastafari with authority and would Rastafari respect and consider his advice?

Ras Elijah Tafari:  Yes. The Ethiopian Crown Council is a Mystic Revelation for Us to meditate too and listen to there counsel and guidance. The Legitimate Voice of The Royal Family, HRH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie Haile Selassie is a Blessing to the Earth and His Clarity and careful choice of Words are Enlightened and Holy. He is someone whose authority should be heeded and we would be wise to do more than consider his advice. It is up to us as a community to share what he has already said and reason on the importance and role of the Monarchy in this time.
4. Should Haile Selassie be given his rightful place of reverence in the Ethiopian Church as was other Kings before him and should he be canonnised?

Ras Elijah Tafari: Great Question, As a Ras, right at first InI have to say, how can you canonize Jah?  Here is the thing, if some want to measure divinity that is on them, InI know that He is Holy, and that making it official doesn’t validate that. On the realms of the Church and Protocol, I would go as far to say, that because there is no body of the Emperor, that The Ethiopian Orthodox Church should commence with Prayers that where offered to the Emperor and repent for turning their back on the King. That He is the embodiment of The Trinity, and that there fathers have betrayed the Trinity.  That the pain of Ethiopia and the problems in the Church are 100 percent because they turned from the complete observance of the King of Kings. If they canonize HIM and dont heed His Words then it is for naught, if it is being done to make room for Rastafari to be more accepted then is it real? There is a lot of room for reasoning on this topic and it would be Blessed to one day have the wisdom of the Ethiopian Priests as well as the Rastafari Elders on the exploration of His Imperial Majesties Divine Attributes, if canonizing HIM makes this more able then it could be helpful to the general public and as a simple introduction.

5. Is it too late for the Rastafari to make use of the gifts (EWF Constitutions, Landgrant, EOTC and access to the AU) given to them by His Majesty?

Ras Elijah Tafari: No, it is not too late. What is needed is someone who can support themselves and is educated and socially capable to work internationally for the progress of Africans in the Diaspora and in the Homeland to unite and have representation. With the help of the Almighty, ones will arise and find that the time for self reliance and sustainability is at hand. Internationally, with careful partners, Rastafari can have a voice and land to build on.

6. Can and should Rastafari benefit from the legalization of Marijuana? What institutions do we have to deal effectively with it?

Ras Elijah Tafari:  Another Great Question,. Yes Rastafari should benefit from the legalization of Marijuana, one of the biggest benefits will be to able to reason without fear and attack. Ganja has been what has isolated us from the public often, and from the youth. We will benefit in more ways than making money. We will benefit by being teachers and professionals that have enough social acceptance not to be ostracized from the general public. We will be able to teach from the Scriptures in the parks and streets without being chased and beaten. The faith will spread thru people calming done, and music being played more, and sick people being able to be tended to easily and in diverse ways. People will drink less, and get off other drugs, both pharmaceutical and other wise. All of this will build the Unity of People and therefore the Unity of Rastafari.

I know that the question is aimed towards institutions capitalizing on Herb sales. With thought and precision, time and change, Rastafari will find room for business and trade. What would be wise would be to look toward protection and establishment of small farms and local growing co-ops for food security in general and public awareness and health in Agriculture. Force on a new wave of perma-culture and organic farming. Herb is only the beginning, we need to create schools where holistic farming and medicine are the focus. Without a doubt an Herb Co-op as a Rastafari Initiative is crucial.

7. Should Rastafari promote Marijuana as a sacramental herbs? How will the government implement the new law? Does all Rastafari Mansions accept that it is or should be a sacramental herb?

Ras Elijah Tafari:  Question 1: We already do, however it would be wise to note that Marijuana is not for everyone to smoke. Question 2:  It is self evident. Question 3:  As far as InI know, that every mansion does accept Ganja as a sacramental herb.
8. What measures should be taken to promote entrepreneurship, education and meaningful resettlement of those desiring to return to the Motherland?

Ras Elijah Tafari: Great Question again, There needs to be an active dialogue that is ongoing between the Caribbean/ African Americans through out North and South America, where there are local representatives of the Rastafari movement that can report to one embassy or a few. That Embassy duty is to make relations with all African Nations and share ways for development and partnerships. There are a lot of Ambassadors of African Countries, making long term relationships and sharing ideas will be the start of understanding where to be useful and needed, it would likewise would be in our interest to do the same with every University as far as exploration of potential. Our greatest weapon is the Oneness we share as Africans.

9. How can Rastafari organize and speak with one voice to African Governments in order to secure favorable immigration and other benefits for those desiring to return to the motherland.

Ras Elijah Tafari: Each country will vary, and what each one of us needs to think about is whether we want to move to somewhere that may have worse conditions than where we are from. Governments are the same all over really, so what needs to be looked at is how to reform the government we are presently in so that as a nation we can address the issues on a national and international platform. The changes that are needed all over are drastic and to migrate to areas in which proxy wars are being waged is both courageous and dangerous. Plans and alliances need to studied and ones need to see and note progressive governments in Africa and work with them. That would be the quickest and safest way.

10. How should the Government of Ethiopia be addressed on this issue considering the state of Shashamane settlement and the increasing numbers of stateless children born there?

Ras Elijah Tafari: If they are born in Ethiopia they should be given Ethiopian Citizenship. If they have parents from another country then dual citizenship. It should be easier to apply for Ethiopian Citizenship than it is and representatives need to work toward preparing for more African’s in the diaspora who wish to return to Africa as free equal beings. Shashamane should be secure for the future and all original hectors respected as gifts of the Emperor. There is no legitimate reason to take anothers gift away, especially one that is symbolic of the Redemption of the Black Nations in that there true spiritual home is Ethiopia, Mt. Zion. 12191001_10154337686369148_6250282622297712459_n

* InI would like to thank all those who care about the future of the Movement and the Legacy of the Light of World, Emperor Haile Selassie I. I pray we advance in truth and rights, Love and Life. * Negus I, Jah, Rastafari. *My Lord. R. 7.*