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Miles Davis: Kind of Blue…New art and thoughts.

Life is full of ups and downs, and for an artist sometimes the extremes are intense. As I look around the world, it seems that most people are dealing with subjects that make most of our lives look like heaven. I think about my loved ones locked up, my loved ones who aren’t here. It then makes I meditate on how special the ones we have here are. There are spiritual dynamics at works all the time, and the movement of the chakras upward allows I to see how high are we reaching when reasoning and interacting.  My Mind is multi layers that are being worked on and it is the point when the picture is composed that I can show the fullness of the vision. Will it even be fully composed, is a painting or song ever really finished…

I went to a show downtown Albuquerque the other night and someone through a large rock through my window. A thieve came and took all my poetry books, and art prints, my cd’s, and herbal oils and tinctures, my tools,  knife and cash.  Of course it felt terrible, but I had to look at the symbolism of myself in a suitcase, and the Rastaman being proud that he was the creator. And while there may be some addict selling my art on the street right now, I am blessed to know that the prints are copies of the vision, the music same way. Every poem pretty much I recorded even if it was rough, and though priceless, because I believed in the vision it too had been archived. And so I will rewrite the mediations from the songs, print more prints and CD’s,  and continue creating. When I got to my truck to see the glass shattered all over the inside and outside, I held my art pad in my hand and my last pencil, and felt an odd feeling. One of being here before, messed up with nothing but my art..and it was a reminder, that the relationship between an artist and art cannot be stolen and limited. That I am a creator, and as I drove home with freezing air blowing in my face I had to give thanks. That as much as my heart is attacked or robbed, it seems to regenerate and produce so that it can give it more. Without the emptiness I cannot be full, and its purpose is to give and then give some more. The Heart Chakra is one of the hardest channels for alignment. Challenges the levels and layers and looks to see if the composition is orderly,..up-full or down-full.

Miles Davis. Blue.

Miles Davis. Kind of Blue.

With so much going on, some old art came my way that I hadn’t been able to get reproductions of..this is one. In my brothers art private collection, was ” Miles Davis, Kind of Blue.” I got a great photo and now I can share it with you. Miles Davis is such a perfect and powerful artist for when things are tough, his paintings influence me, and his music has changed generations. Like the ghetto, we reflect our conditions, and like the ghetto there is a genius hidden away dancing and singing and painting the inner conflicts of humanity. Even if its kinda blue..

Prints are available : in the shop area at the top of the site..or you can email I at lionartproductions@gmail.com  This piece is only 25.00 plus shipping. Little lower price…

For everyone out there, keep your head high, and make something out of the day, your creative vision and life. Give thanks we are here together and build from the heART. Miles to go….

Rastafari Love.


All Glory to the Most High King of Creation for the blessing to share another album with everyone. InI am excited for the World to Get the Vibe from the New Mexico High Desert of the importance of WISDOM in a Hip Hop styles. In combination with 4 countries the music and attitude is a witness to the power of Rastafari and Hip Hop Globally. Good for all ages, and something that grooves..check out a sample of pick up the album at…BLESS!





And it will be on Amazon Music any day..Hard copies will be available very soon, put a pre order in by messaging INI or email lionartproductions@gmail.com..A stayed tuned..Music Video on the way!  Jah Bless!

Wisdom Album Cover Ras Elijah Tafari

New Mexico Rastafari Collective Newsletter Nov. issue is out!

Blessed Love and All,  a Special Coronation November issue is out. Give thanks for the warmth of Rastafari in New Mexico, we are joyful to share the meditations and unity together. Thank you for everyone that contributed, both near and far. Heart of Joy.

NMRC newsletterNov1


Oct. New Mexico Rastafari Collective Newsletter is out!!!

This issue seemed to have international relevance so it is being published publicly this month. We would lIke to thank Prophet Justus of the E.A.B.I.C. and Empress Lindsy M. Solomon. It is also an update to last months article about going to Denver to meet with the Ras and celebrate the Ethiopian New Year. Blessed 2010! Hope you enjoy the articles and link anytime with thoughts or comments.



Thank you for reading, hope you check the next issue. ONE PERFECT LOVE.  HOLY EMMANUEL I KING SELASSIE I JAH. RASTAFARI.



Its been a long time in the making and the Hip Hop Album “Wisdom” will be released on Nov. 2nd 2017- Unless if your in Denver this Sept 10 Celebrations! For a special occasion, coming out tomorrow is a 16 page Book, of thoughts, lyrics, art, of the times and Emperor Haile Selassie I. It will a limited series, and will only be available through select outlets.

The Scheduled Release of the album officially is November 2nd, 2017 to Honor the 77th Anniversary of the Crowning of the King of Kings, Jah in Flesh, Emperor Haile Selassie I along side with Empress Menen Asfaw and Royal Youth. The Root of David and Conquering Lion of Judah as Earth’s True Rightful Ruler.


This album wouldn’t be possible without the great strength of Jose of Light Worker Productions, Jah Ivan of Good Over Evil Productions, DeeZee of UnderDog Productions, By the River Productions along with Brother Immanuel from TSHIHION IHIYHTHZH Music, Brother Diles of Visceral View, Brother Charles X and K-OTIC, Robby from Underwater Productions, Brother Mark Seville, and some O.G.’s that always stay hidden. You know who you are.


The Books are 15.00 and come with the CD, that will be available from a select few, inbox INI if you want to have one put on hold. We also have a lovely Music Video Coming soon from Brother Lucas of THICITY Productions! Thank You King!  The album will be all over and widely available Jah Willing, Let ones know and I pray that it is a strength in the world, where there is so much information and so little WISDOM.


Wisdom Album Cover Ras Elijah Tafari

All Praises due to the Jah the Father, Son and Mother of Creation. ONE JAH. Rastafari!

DuttyBookMan Tour. AUG 3-4 Rastafari Reasoning and Art Show. NM

The New Mexico Rastafari Collective is proud to present  Brother Dutty BookMan, Jamaican Rastafari, activist, teacher, author and DJ. His books include:

“FATIDIC” Selected Duttyisms  and

TRIED & TRUE : Revelations of a Rebellious Youth (2011)

He has worked close with the Marley family and foundation, and founded his own Arts and Culture foundation “Manifesto Jamaica” based in Toronto which is a youth empowerment non profit leadership organization . DuttyBookman will be in New Mexico for several days, making a stop in Las Vegas and Albuquerque. We will be proud to have him at “The Sector” in 122 La Veta Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 From 6-8pm. InI and Ras Zakariah will be showing Our art and will enjoy the reasoning with our big brother. Expect a High Vibe of Social and Rastafari Livity Culture. Clearly from His Name, honoring the ancestors thru Our Purpose and works to be channeled for our nation. The Event is free, any donations will be welcome so we can also contribute to the Youth programs sponsored by DuttyBookMan. He will be in Las Vegas NM Aug. 3 at New Moon Fashion back yard. 5-9pm.

AFTER THE REASONING ON AUG. 4TH we will be going DOWNTOWN to join The Hip Hop Community and we will be at 4th and Central at the Cypher that is held on the First Friday of every month. It LIVE and FREE, with DuttyBookMan spinning and live art and dancing…if you have been there you already know. If you haven’t its real, check it. 20120817_1554044271334461_1659429975_n

You can learn about DuttyBookMan and check his books and works at: http://duttyism.com

and here is a great reasoning: https://youtu.be/dHrthWCNVJE



Thank you Ras Zakarias for all the hard work and organizing. Thank You every one at the Sector for helping the community with Culture and Art to uplift the community, likewise thank you New Moon Fashion for Itinual support! Big Up to Cyrus for bringing Hip Hop back to the streets.  Las Vegas, Albuquerque, lets get together and feel alright. Its going to be a revolutionary Sabbath. Please share and tell a friend. Roots and Culture time.

Jah Bless, One Perfect Love.

Ras Elijah Tafari.

7 Kingsibles of what makes Rastafari unique.


There are many differences in traditions and houses of Rastafari and as we look through out the existence of the Movement  from 1930 onward, we can see a basic outline that separates the Rastafari Movement from other faiths. Without trying  to divide but to show the specifics and uniqueness of the movement, study our strengths in the identity of Rastafari as a people. These are 7 Kingsiples of what makes Rastafari, Rastafari.

First and foremost that Haile Selassie I is the Almighty in Flesh, Supreme Head Creator. Some will use the term “God” while others prefer not to use the term due to its western influence and conditioned notions. Others see HIM as “Christ” returned, such as 12 Tribes of Israel, and His Divinity is based on individual theology of who Christ is. If ones believe Christ is God, then Haile Selassie I is seen as both. Because of these different views we have several branches or Houses, that have lessons that speak on this subject specifically.

Second, We as Rastafari research and have independent thoughts concerning The Bible and Scriptures. We study many books, including those linked to the Bible such as the The Book of Thomas and the Book of Enoch. We stress the ability to read and study in a balanced and historical manner, as well as with openness to the variations and bias that has been made in renderings and translation. We are also open to prophetic revelations that can appear to anyone thru the Scriptures and shed light on the future, recent past or current times. We promote study of secular and spiritual education with a clear conscious confident that with head and heart aligned we will choose the right, and stand by it.

“Your guide should therefore be the postolic saying; study and examine

all but choose and follow the good.  Our forefathers have succeeded in passing down a free and independent people determined to safeguard its liberty by shedding its blood.  Ethiopia is the country in Africa which has kept Ge’ez and Amharic with an alphabet of its own.  We have also laid a firm foundation for the freedom, prestige and happiness of the present generation in the fields of education and development in accordance with the conditions now existing.Those who will be serving the people in future should follow this same path in endeavouring to develop their country and maintain her freedom.  This is one of the main responsibilities of teachers.” Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Third, Rastafari as a people who are called by His Name should know everything they can about Emperor Haile Selassie I. It is the revelation that is happening to this day with direct messages from the Most High. From photos to speeches, His Imperial Majesty has multi layered teachings that if allowed can present a ruling perspective of Self, African Identity, Education, Spirituality and more. When a Man takes on the study of HIM they take on the vision of HIM. With that sight ones can look from a Kingly perspective and reason on the tangible reality of the words and solutions presented by The King of Kings. He is a Living Man, and can relate and teach in this modern day with a keen awareness of what we face in these times. Books and photos, speeches and documents are still surfacing, and the collection of these Holy testimonies are part of our duty. Restoration and preservation.


Fourth, Rastafari adherents should have a historical understanding of Ethiopia. This cannot be stressed enough, this movement is based on the Crowning of the King of Kings of Ethiopia in Addis Abba, and knowledge of what lead to and followed the Sacred Emperor is relevant and crucial to knowing what and when Haile Selassie I did, who He is and why He is worthy to be praised. A constant desire to return to Ethiopia, both physically and spiritually is more than a point for pilgrimage, it is the Home of God.

Fifth, That at the Heart of this movement is Black Liberation. That importance of African Redemption and Liberation is the approach we look at everything.  How does cultural perseverance build identity with African Spiritual present and future leaders? Within Black Liberation Theology is the study and deep connection to the legacy and impacts of slavery and the paths to attain Freedom for Africa and African People. In perfect accordance, Emperor Haile Selassie I message proclaims Global Liberation from colonial forces and International Citizenship. He made the bridge for ones that are from all cultures to the call of Human Rights and that is the brother of any Liberation theology. Within this pretext, African Sovereignty and Self Determination should be the model set by Africans to inspire the World in cooperation. When we see the Red Gold and Green across the Earth stand for Justice, we as Africans should be proud that the Banner can be waved for both national and international progress. It is a duty for those who wear the red gold and green to know the reason Ethiopia is a beacon to the World, and why that is a spiritual sign from the Most High about allegiance to our collective origins as well to Judah, Head of the House of Israel. Do not be confused with present occupied territories with the Conquering Lion of Judah’s Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia.

Sixth is Nyabinghi Order. Though this is an International Free Salvation Mission, there are precepts set by elders of the Faith. Many Elders and leaders of the movement have been Jamaican and the importance of Jamaica in this collective awakening is divine and chosen. Elders have laid foundations and houses that should be respected and familiar to Rastafari tenants. The most crucial of which are Groundations ( Gatherings) in which we recite Psalms and Chants that have been handed down through decades and fire side reasonings. Knowledge/ experience of how to play the drum in a heart beat method is mediation time needed to grow in the movement. The Heart Beat being the Song of Life, of Collective Unity, Memorization of songs and hours of chanting renews the heart and allows the collective to humbly learn and pray to the Most High. It is a central place for Us as Rastafari to remember and pray for Right over wrong and Life over death, Good over evil. Rooted in the celebration and remembrance of the Uganda Queen Nyabinghi, the heart beat itself makes it so WHO she is passed through to Who We Are, Living Nyabinghi is to be the Living Drum. The different pace of the heart beat is accompanied by thunder drums known as pope smashers, and it is universally understood to be a ritual to Kill all Black and White downpression, thru Word Sound and Power in Prayer. It is more important to know Nyabinghi Order than to know reggae songs and artists. It has held the movement together and reveals work needed to be done in the spiritual cleansing. They are passed down, and taught word to mouth, rich in old African-Carribean- American connections.

Seventh Is Food and Basic Conduct. This is a sensitive subject, though the universally agreed food “Livity” suggests eating as healthy as possible. Not eating chemicals and processed foods, nor bleached foods. Most will not eat pork or bottom feeders, though Vegetarian “diet” has been more encouraged over the decades. Many are militant vegetarians and vegans, while others eat fish and so on. It really isn’t a line in the sand, those most will not accept a man calling himself Ras if he is a drunk or pork eater. If ones take up the Nazarite Vow of Numbers 6 then alcohol, grapes, vinegar, and meat eating is forbidden for as long as the vow is adhered to. The conduct of a Ras is based in humility, therefore gluttony, and sloth are not qualities of a spiritual being a vessel of liberation. In humility in honor of Our Creator and Ancient Heritage, many of us cover our heads. Though it is not mandated, like most faiths of the world, those who are devout or women will often have a turban of some sort. Women are encouraged to wear dresses because it is our culture as well as Biblical Law, while pants is a western wear on women. Pants on women is seen as a European Governmental disrespect pushed on all women during the industrial revolution due to men being in World War 2, forcing them to wear pants in factories. Both men and women are encouraged to dress in clothes from Africa, Robes, and if anything have a neat appearance.  Many Prophets in the scriptures were not “neat” and lived in rags, this is not forgotten, and poverty should never be a reason to discriminate. With that said, personnel hygiene and awareness of creating a good impression on behalf of Rastafari, is important. We are not hippies, and discipline is character. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

InI hope that these Seven Kingsiples will help others understand more about Rastafari, and will encourage those who love Rastafari to absorb the culture and Itinue its legacy in Righteousness sake. InI did not mention Ganja because so many understand that plants are a gift from Jah. That suppression of medicine is criminal, not matter what kind it is. It is in no way necessary to use Ganja to adhere to Rastafari as a trod, though its history and the movement are interlinked. Defense of herbs as medicine is universal, and as a human, obvious. Our collective sacrifice can not be overstated in the fight for Cannabis legalization and has also brought us together with many.  InI look forward to building with the community and hearing thoughts and questions. With Love in the Heart we walk together, May the Most High Guide Us.

In The Name of Jah the Father, Jah the Son, Jah the Holy Spirit,  ONE JAH. Rastafari Haile Selassie I.

Royal Son of Africa.

Ras Elijah Tafari.




Work to be done:Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Rastafari Movement.


Many ask why we are different than the Ethiopian Orthodox Church or why we do or don’t join the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Here are some crucial points. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church was given freedom from The Egyptian Orthodox Coptic Church By His Imperial Majesty and Alexandria in 1959. Both previous and later, The Ethiopian Orthodox Church worked against His Imperial Majesty on several matters, that the Church though very old is still in an infancy when it comes to self governance in accord to their Ethiopian Patriarch, The King of Kings. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has created turmoil during and after The Emperor, and participated in the “DERG coup” by the issuing a pre-cursor of excluding the Emperor from daily prayers in 1974, for this sin, the Church lead the people to the God-less Red-Terror that would starve and humiliate Ethiopia and Her historical greatness. This is a major reason why the Rastafari movement has made the call that remission of sin of the Church is to return to their set mandate that Haile Selassie I is the God Head, and that songs and prayers should be continued to The Conquering Lion of Judah and the fulfilling of Ethiopians divine legacy. From the 80′s and after, we saw the infiltration of gentile christian faiths that started to change the ancient relationship of Man to God by integrating thoughts and paintings of a Gentile Jesus and a White Mother Mary. This is another massive sin. In the historical context of an unconquered people, the oldest Christian Kingdom, and House of Israel, The thought that it would allow Roman white-washed images with a foreign language to express the spirituality of African People is absurd. Further to defend any picture that depicts anyone from the Scriptures as being from Europe is treason. Why? Because the Scriptures is about Africans when ones realize that there is no middle east, that this is Africa, full of Africans as it has been for Hundreds of thousands of years. Anyone that would do this is selling out Africa. People choose their Faiths, but we didn’t choose to be African. God made it that way, for a reason. He made us as people from Her, for us to ever make her achievements that of outsiders or some romantic rendition is selling out our ancestors. We are African First, that is our State, Our Faith is personal and should not trespass against Our African foundations for collective progress. The Scriptures known as the Bible are reactions or active African historical perspectives and parables. To look to Rome for interpretations or images, is idol worship. When there is no longer a White-Jesus and Mary in a Church, then they would not be starting service by insulting ALL African People. The truth cannot be insulted and be revered at once. It is our Duty as Rastafari to visit and reason with the Orthodox Church, in order so that they may grow in their loyalty to God, Emperor and Africa. We have much to learn from each other, let us sit in true reverence of the Creator with out idols and foreign gods. May Our daily lives reflect the Oneness with Jah, and Our Words be in-tuned With Earth’s Rightful Ruler, Emperor Haile Selassie I. Jah Rastafari.


It was brought up to me that blaming the Church is unfair when it is leaders and clergy are the ones that have lead the flock. To this I agree, that the guilt is on the leadership,  sadly all of the World suffers for their decisions. Like any army or school, it is only as good as its teachers.  When describing the Church I purposely didn’t write EOTC, because it is an Orthodox Christian issue at heart. Also it is important to note, that this not an attack on Christianity, it is a call for Restoration of Divine Order. If it doesn’t happen in Ethiopia first then the rest the Abrahamic Faiths will not follow.  Thank you for reading, and for sharing your thoughts. One Jah. R.7.


” Hold De Faith.” Remember King Selassie I. New Painting.


In this time of pressure,turmoil, and fascism remember Our Mission. Indiscriminate  bombings by un-manned drones, and millions trying to escape corporate elitism, I pray we remember King Selassie I. In all the perils He faced it always seemed that the odds were gravely stacked against HIM. It always seemed like Africa would be Conquered by Military Might, only because of the Will of Jah that we make it. The Right would show it self evident and permanent.  Lift your heads, and know that no matter what the enemy throws at Us if We Hold the Faith, God will Judge Justly. Jah is real, it is that Force of Truth will eventually overcome and inspire, as We are called by His Name in Every Nation, creating a global community and ideology. Step on the Bombs, and raise your children to do the same. For the Lion in Man, the Son of Man, and King of Kings is within Us all.  One Jah. Rastafari.           Haile Selassie I Forever and Ever. Amen.



Indian Ink and Acrylic.  16×18 inches. This painting is for sale, as well as the use of the image. please link any way that works for you, Lionartproductions@gmail.com / Or Ras Elijah Tafari on Facebook, or on this site.

Rastafari Reflections: what WE can do.

There is a lot of work to be done, and many have brought some great ideas to the table. In this moment I would like to send out an invitation to collaborate as well as nurture the Rastafari Movement thru art. Rather than goes off about how important art is, let us reflect on how important We are. That we make our own soundtracks, grow our own food and build our homes physically as well as spiritually with the teachings of the King of Kings in Mind.  We have a duty to feed the community, and many artists have been doing this for years. Ras Zacharias, Mike 360, Ras Terms, Natty Rebel, and so many more have brought the Holy Powers of Ethiopia to the streets thru art. Making t-shirts as well as meditations. This is a movement, and it is about Education.

Selassie and Son on bomb

As a Movement we are still very young and each of us has the ability to be there as it unfolds, hand in hand with the restoration and upliftment of our collective history. This is a Mighty African renewal and we are in the process of getting free, in this process many have contributed and shared, fought and bled for Ethiopian/ Human Redemption from all corners of the Earth. Likewise, Ethiopia and Africans have fought and built up people and nations across the Earth. We have shown and keep showing that we can maintain Our culture while respecting the dignity and history of all people. We are rooted un-apologetically in Africa, and Our acceptance and Love of Africa has revealed the Scriptures as well as History in a very different and deep manner. Together, here and now we are deep in the trenches together whether we know it/ like it or not.  As His Imperial Majesty once quoted Benjamin Franklin, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”, it is something to realize, “when the rain pours it dont rain on one mans house”…its raining now, and we must hang together, sacrifice and be bold together.


Some simple things we can do is Support Rastafari Elders, ( and Elders period) Take care of the Children and Families that have lost a parent, Help support Orphanages, and get involved with the community. Help Adonijah’s Family in EthiopiaRastafari Elder and Incient Fund, Yahwenta Childrens Center in Shashamene, http://rootspeople.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/englishleaflet.pdfhttp://

In a time where frustration and mis-leaders are lending its hand to division and bigotry,  I pray that we remember that we are the Children of Jah, Mighty and Blessed to be called by His Name and be Made in His Image and Likeness. Be Love and be True. There is plan for us all, and it includes Justice. Go get it, get it for all, and may common sense be the GPS and right governance be and the destination.


Every decision nearly could use a voice of the King, Rastafari as a movement does not like politics, make it more, make it about being a Leader and showing true leadership. We have been pushed aside and discounted for too long, now is the time to step up and speak out. No matter how dire it may look, never forget Africa, and work unceasingly to finish the last lap so that we can actually emerge free and strong. Be bigger than opposition could ever be, Show them The Fatherly and Motherly Powers of Jah. In the Name of The Trinity. Haile Selassie I. One Jah.