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Rastafari Art Expansion!

The life of an artist is beyond fun or happy, it is a quest for passions grip and the balance of tangible and intangible. We are creating nothing and yet able to give glimpses of ideas and visions about anything. It is one that is a lifestyle and also a journey of truth. Being real, understanding that what We as artists try to express is our deepest inspirations not visual illusions. How that is understood, in large part is up to the artist to craft skills in story telling through images and colors with purpose.

It is long over due, and yet right on time..The expansion has begun. I will be uploading and sharing more art, as well as reasonings on what is the mission of the paintings, and joyful prayers on canvases. The amount of art that I have is getting organized, cleaned up and will be more available than ever. For right now, on the Shop section, you will see “Prints”. I will be uploading new color and black and white prints, as well as feature new original work for sale. We have lots of projects for the future that will help others economically as well as get the Mighty Message of Rastafari through paintings and culture to wider audiences. For right now this is the start. More art, more readily available. These are some of the new pieces uploaded and ready to ship. Jah Bless. More Works to do.

prints available

“Love” Ras Elijah Tafari and Empress Laura Tafari


RasElijahTafari. “Sun, Moon and Stars”

Prints available.

“The Conquering Lion of Judah Prevails”

Judgement Day Precession

Judgement Day Precession

HIM Haile Selassie I        "Jah Umbrella"

HIM Haile Selassie I “Jah Umbrella”

2018 Version KHSMIC LION

2018 Version KHSMIC LION






There is more information on the SHOP button on the top right, about meanings and mediums. It also allows you to pick out the size of print you want and order right away. Check out Color and Black and White Prints, for new paintings, and mediations. Thank you for supporting INI, and Rastafari African Culture through Art. Lots more to manifest. Jah Bless, Heart of Love.

Ras Elijah Tafari.











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Sabbatical reasoning..We are all seeds that have increased yet we are not done growing. Some us water, some of us plant, but it is Jah that makes it increase. Inspired by the book Corinthians, the meditation of how we are seeds from Genesis to Revelations..we are plants..vines and roots..branches and buds..Jah speaks in farming terms, so we get it. Agriculture is a way of growing with intention, it is not the wild of is a seed that was planted with intention. That too is a seed planted with intention,..I have to appreciate the planter and waterer in 2 different a seed, when the planter put me in the ground I was hard and docile. Alive but dead..when the planter planted the seed what looks like a burial was an act of faith. I had no I idea I would be born again. When you bury the dead it is the same process, get a shovel and hoe and dig, but with no expectation of return. The seed is put in the ground with faith and expectation of increase. Though both look dead, InI the seed is alive..but it needs water. Water is that moment when you are jolted out of your comfort zone of hibernation..when your being rudely awakened..and when that water hits, it makes the shell weak and bust. The life within is breaking the bonds that hold it..the God within has a destiny whereby Jah is the Liberator. It wasn’t the waterer or the planter, it was faith that Jah will bring from that not seen, that which has not be revealed..that by faith, Life in Abundance. Greatness from within. If the seed doesn’t get water, it will die, if it wasn’t planted right it will die,..that is why our teachers are so important. The growing process is painful and traumatic, and neither is more important than the other. The Planter may be menacing and with a big shovel, and the waterer may be clean and pretty, but both will make you grow if you embrace them..go into the dark and feel the pain of waiting, thirsty, when the water comes, the cold of it baptism will make like a baby, your tears build your cry for your destiny to be.. For when Harvest comes, there will someone new there..with new tools, so that your bounty may be spread across the Earth. All of this is your destiny, for those of you who know your blessed, water, and let others water your blessing. For your fruits will increase knowing from what strain Jah has made you. For those who are roots still battling around rocks and hard dirt, spread out and reach up.. and dig deep,..stretch forth your hands and leaves to Jah..get that energy strong, for Jah made you to expand and increase in the faith that He is in the smallest of seeds. Give thanks for reading, hope it was a sprinkle of clarity. Give thanks for Emperor Haile Selassie I, who is The Power within the seed and the Planter that is The Root of Roots. Our Collective Destiny is One in H.I.M. King of Peace, King of the Sabbath. King and Prince of Peace, Father of the The Seven, Father and Son, and the Holy One of Iration, One Jah. Father of Eyesus Kristos. Be Holy and Humble for Jah has chosen Her to fill..From in the Mother, The whole Earth is filled with Jah, and Jah choose Her to put you in. She is the Holy One of Iration and give thanks for the Womb of our incubation, restoration, and spiritual revitalization. Revealed daily by the Earth that we walk on, teaches us, and whom is the vessel of Jah’s Marvelous fruits. That is all for now. Heart of Sabbath. Rastafari. King Emmanuel Present.

Why the Father Haile Selassie and The Son Yeshua (Jesus) are One.

Emperor Haile Selassie I

Emperor Haile Selassie I

Blessed Love ONE and ALL. Got a great question from my elder  Abba Ras Anebana Tafari asking why worship Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah when He said in John 12:49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, He gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.” Mystically in all that I have learned I look to His Imperial Majesty for Guidance. Through H.I.M. I have seen Humility, one who likewise did not directly tell people to worship H.I.M. It is good to have some knowledge of the Emperor before reading this article.

Here is the insight, When the Burning Bush appeared to Moses in Exodus 3:2 The Bush is described as an Angel of the Lord. Before it is revealed that the Bush in Exodus 14 “And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.” going further that it is clear the voice is the voice of God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. My point here is that When Moses first met God, He appeared as a bush, then He was seen as an angel, and lastly told that He is “I am that I am” God. In the story of Jacob wrestling God, first It was simply a man in the night, then this man was an Angel and then it appeared to be God.

When we get to Revelations 19:10, Where we see John fall to feet of an Angel, who says see that you do not do that, I am your bredren. He says I have the testimony of Jesus Christ and that Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy,.The point is that there is a Trinity at work, from Genesis to Revelations where The Spirit of Prophecy is always present. That is Yeshua, the Spirit of Prophecy. To Bring to HIM who sits on the White Horse Haile Selassie I. He who makes War and judges the nations..see how He walks into League of Nations and Brings down the temple and rebuilds it as the UN. Or that He did the same for the Ark of the Covenant in Axum! My Lord. Do you see that His Word is Faithful and True, wearing many Crowns. Was He not baptized and crowned by the Testimony of Jesus Christ through the Men of Prophecy. Are we not men of prophecy?! Is He not the Fulfillment of Prophecy all over..The Fullfilment of the Son and the Father, and Holy Spirit as One God..and told the Church how things were to be..told the Earth as it must humble as both Men are, they commanded the Church and it was done..also the World..This gets deeper, because who will Love God and Man..Who will see God in Man, and Be as the Spirit or Breath of Life.

John: 8:54 Jesus answered, If I honour myself, my honour is nothing: it is my Father that honoureth me; of whom ye say, that He is your God” When that in Mind, listen carefully to prophecy and what His Imperial Majesty says. Look at what we stand for, THE END OF ROMAN COLONIAL RULE THAT LEAVES MEN AS Spiritual and literal SLAVES. The title “Emperor”, or Earth’s Rightful Ruler, or Root of David, already infers DIVINE RIGHT..and its not just a title.. It is the reminder that He doesn’t have to say it, it has been shown and said. Haile Selassie I is the King of Kings…why..beyond location and titles..because He is the evidence that the Son is in the Father and Father in the Son. For Both are True and Trustworthy. They are the way, because it is ONE. It because of True, of REALITY, because He Is-Real, not just Faith, the Defender and Evidence of Faith and things not seen..of Prophecy. This is why Ones worship Jesus Christ, because He reached the place of Ascension to Jah. Haile Selassie descended to Us.He bowed to the Love of humanity.

Lastly, “Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.” In 1936 His Majesty also went to Jerusalem to where Christ ascended and it was the front page of the NY Times..Why.. To acknowledge that The King Judah, remnants of Israel, That the Highest Himself, welcomes Christ in through Conquering Death..Which Ethiopia and the World were doing..Lord of be resurrected and Ascend which happened. Praises to God The Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One God. Power and Virtue of the Trinity.HIM The Conquering Lion of Judah, The Light of the World, Emperor Haile Selassie I.

New York Times 1936 May.

Why we need African Heroes that are real or relatable.

Blessed Love to One and All. I was proud to partake in the overwhelming viewing of ” Black Panther” mostly because it was an opening to African Heroes. So far popular African superheroes are created by Europeans, a play of cliche symbolism, often glorifying hood life or jungle themes, all of which is dismal. We are in an age where the dawn of media has begun. This is because Journalism as we know it was not intended to teach or enforce indigenous history or self respect of or for people of color. Only in the this time of the internet and technology are we just beginning to enter the playing field.

Ras Elijah Tafari all rights reserved.

Ras Elijah Tafari all rights reserved.

As I learn more I see that we share certain joys.. One being, we love true stories, they often are more deeper than anyone could imagine. Second being that historically we have been sharing history and stories with art for tens of thousands of years. Unlike “Red Tails” that was the first all Black WW2 movie that audiences did not support, this is an opening for younger audiences to explore many true heroes and more. As I have previously written about doing comic books about the saints and martyrs, there is still more..there is the ability to tackle issues that we have yet to address or solve. This leads to the Third point. Substance.

Using the Black Panther movie as an example, the topic of the movie was one that left the audience  at large at odds with who is good and who is bad. The good guy wasn’t good nor the bad, bad, and this isn’t in the legacy of “anti heroes”. I feel that the topic of African American relations with Africa is something that shouldn’t be scratched on, because it was it was an opening. Like the movie that had a weak ending and the after the credit scene should have been at the end to add some closure, we have been sucked into a subject that really opens a wound that needs addressing. Because there was not any closure, but rather a war over psychology we witness rather than a consensus or union, black on black violence action scenes that are far too familiar as a traditional ending to a superhero movie. It cut itself short, due to the psychology that brought us the movie. Was it done so it would enact a reasoning about African American feelings of abandonment by Africans, or was it done to add a level controversy that could arise further news and relevance to the movie? Whether I liked the movie or not was no longer as important than the person in the first row that did not understand the moral of the story. And was the moral really whitewashed because the idea of Black Liberation is watered down by the threat violent insurrection in the United States. I felt the ending was a clear example and open door to why more African and dignified endings can occur that promote resolution. We have seen Africans and African Americans pitted against each other for years, and as an African I can see some of the points that were misunderstood by common audiences.  One being, the perspective of outsiders period. The idea of unity, whether African Unity or not is a relative new idea, the world has been built on mistrust, and invasion, not compromise. We are in a new time, where sharing technology and information is in our favor. Historically I think we all were more guarded. In the spirit of sharing education, I think it is time we as Africans from all nationalities, highlight African Heroes that are real and relatable.

Sudanese Lion

Sudanese Lion

Could it be that these “Heroes” are actually a way to avoid the lack of history and knowledge or recognizing of ones true culture? When it comes to the USA, the history of comics and its creators would suggest that superheroes were always filling a vacuum that the people were not. When it came to WW2, Superheroes were fighting before the troops, with the exception of the those courageous Garveyites that volunteered to fight in Ethiopia against the Italians. It was Hitler that called Superman a Jew, and the history of the name “Sup-Man” is a term for Wise Man, or Ras Man, derived from the Latin “Sup” meaning, above, beyond, in charge of, in authority over, more than and over.

The Conquering Lion of Judah Burning Eyes Within. Ras Elijah Tafari. 2018

The Conquering Lion of Judah Burning Eyes Within. Ras Elijah Tafari. 2018

I could go into the history of how comics and heroes from Greek times are knock off’s of Africa’s and Hebrew History, but that is not where I am going.  What I am pointing to is a future where comics will be real instrument of learning real culture. I love the Afro-futuristic look, but this is reality I am looking at in the US is real Sci-fi. A people who have lost a culture and yearn for it so much that they will make a mockery of themselves by over praising the film and its power to empower. Was this a moment is African history, yes, but a small one that can only be served by opening it to a bigger and wider audience and subjects. They are, Africans who are educated and want more than carefully planned costumes, but a blue print to self understanding. I have some ideas, and I am excited about joining other creators to make comic books ever grow. We have way to tell the world of who really should have been in countless movies…here are few that left Emperor Haile Selassie I out when it didn’t make sense, ” Nixon, JFK, Malcolm X, All MLK movies, all Nelson Mandela Movies, Winston Churchill Movies, The Butler, King George movies, and the list goes on..” If His Imperial Majesty were in those movies, the Black and African relevance of a Caped Authority and Head, would not be seen as a character that uses violence to solve problems.  This is not the future. The Future is one of Collective Security, and Collective Outlook and International Morality. These idea’s were presented in the Black Panther movie, but up us to tend to the real wound which is lack of knowledge of self and Africa. We as indigenous people are going to be the teachers and preservers of our future, it just how we choose to present ourselves and the subject.

Tafari Makonnen to Haile Selassie I  copyrighted by Ras Elijah Tafari and Kurrency King.

Tafari Makonnen to Haile Selassie I copyrighted by Ras Elijah Tafari and Kurrency King.

I would like to join with as many African artists and writers to expand on the topics that we must address inevitably, and do it in many ways. I know it will take all of us who love liberation and I welcome feedback and strength from all and everyone. Free up and link, there are more works to be done. is InI email. Link and lets share on ways of doing things that only we can do, and haven’t been done. This is a new time, where media and information are more of a education tool than ever, where the desire for human rights is stronger and wider proclaimed than ever. It is there fore crucial and a duty to forward in such a pivotal moment to help people as a whole have deeper and more progressive messages and agendas. I hope you have enjoyed the art in the this article. There is more to come, give thanks to Jah for the skills and favor. Now lets get into position so we can use our powers in order and in the aim to preserve and save Life and lives. Jah be with you.

Emperor Haile Selassie I art by Ras Elijah Tafari. all rights reserved.2018

Emperor Haile Selassie I
art by Ras Elijah Tafari. all rights reserved.2018





Spiritual insight and up and update.

Blessed Love to one and all, it has been a minute due to the immense velocity in which InI have been learning. As Spiritual people often we think we have reached the place, we have been delivered. Yet in the pursuit of further oneness, we see our deliverance is small when it comes to the power to deliver others, problem is I can’t do that..I can help. We are in a time where the true subjects of our newness to the precepts of “freedom” “unity” or “human rights”. For thousands of years these were but romantic fantasies that were utopian, the evidence is in governmental systems that intrinsically don’t want to share power. The poor are looked as wretched and carry the burdens for the rich. Still we have this dream and vision.


I took a mental and soulful trip to try and understand and inner stand more. I wanted to study the first Christians and what happened to them. It seemed that it is an understatement to say, they were all murdered, and what does that really tell me anyway. We are looking at a concept that is the fulfillment of a growth process. In the living example of Eyesus Kristos, we saw clear lines that were drawn that some compare to Buddhism because of its simplicity. But it is more, because while Wisdom (buddha)  requires love to be, it doesn’t require the healing ability to send demons away. There are many that are healers and many that are wise, but none like Christ when it comes to His attack against the devil, bluntly and with sense.

After going on a mission to learn the history of the Name of Jesus all the way back through Nubia and Ethiopia, I learned that I had seen with my eyes the Father of Fathers, as promised in Mathew 5:8 and has shown InI in real time what Ethiopia was whispering to InI about thousands of years ago. That the word is alive,  All words.. that they came from a root and that root knew what tree would grow. When one of the seeds flew to its original pasture the roots and garden recognized it and knew it before it was born. Like wise the name of Yeshau, (Joshua) was one that was Given to Him from the Holy One of Creation. This name is the branch from the tree that would bring forth a new flower that would be known across the Earth as Jesus. In real time, We can see in 1892 July 23rd A Child is born in which the Government would rest on His Shoulders. He would be both a PRINCE of peace and also Everlasting FATHER.  When His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M.) was born His Name was Tafari Makonnen, and later Ras Tafari Makonnen. The World did call Him as Ras Tafari Makonnen, but did not know who He would be. In 1930 As His and Her Imperial Majesty were crowned, He took up the Name, ” H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of Judah, King of Kings, Sovereign of Sovereign, Root of David, and Earth’s Rightful Ruler.” After Nov. 2nd 1930 No One internationally called HIM Ras Tafari Makonnen again. He was the resurrected Prince and Father. He did not say this of Himself, but showed it, and let others announce the He is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Action. This is the meaning of the Name, which is the Name of God. It is “Haile” meaning “Power and virtue” and “Selassie” meaning “The Trinity”. He does not need to prove who He is, because it is self evident, He is that He is that I am that I am. If there is Truth in you, you will see it outside of you. This Name, “Haile Selassie the First” is written in the Bible, as the New Name in Revelations 3, that only He will know until that time. Haile, (Heli), is also the Grandfather of Jesus.  Eyesus0

I am  writing this, to show first like the two names Jahshua, and Jesus, both the name Ras Tafari and Haile Selassie I are similar in that one Name the whole world would know. That it was known in Ethiopia that The Name would be “Jesus” roughly, as they knew roughly when and where Christ was born. They also knew that He would come again to Ethiopia before and after the Resurrection. That is why the Lion of Judah is on the flag. When His Imperial Majesty sat on the Throne of Zion as King of Judah and Beta (house of) Israel, That was the only free African Country, Has the blood of David and the Word of God in every land that requires that all know that His Seed shall prosper and is anointed. HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I would bring the essence of Christian Values to the world stage and test every bit morale in every human then and to come. He challenged the challenger to check himself. To summon and muster the best within for the small to biggest, to the local to the foreigner, in the interest of peace, and humanity. I am not making a case for the Divinity of HIM, that not something I need to prove, what I can say is Haile Selassie I is helping InI learn more about the supernatural and extra ordinary message and movements of Jesus Christ, because it is beyond relatable. Though there are 1000′s of years between them, the experience and repercussions, the life of those who witness of HIM, and the persecution and blessing we receive, are all right there, in the Bible, and surrounding HIM.

I am learning and enjoying the Scriptures more, feeling like I can absorb the message more, now this is not a research paper, or a study of words. His Imperial Majesty is very clear, and yet so much to take in. The Words of Christ are different, they are cloaked and yet thinly veiled. The ability to see, is based on insight not eyesight.  The message of non violence, of forgiveness, of justice, and truth telling. Of respecting and caring for the weak and suffering, to have compassion for the afflicted. To share all you have and be willing to give your life up for God in defense of the defenseless., to confront the wicked and tell the devil he is a liar and murderer.

On this journey, it is getting thicker. Things are speeding up, Life is getting better and harder. More than every I need peace and focus. I went to a Church yesterday, because my soul needs to see people in prayer, others who know that we have to trust Jah. The preacher was honest and meek, as were those around him. There were human without apology, and knew the difference between being human and sinking to carnal levels. Their humanity was shown in their desire to make the world a better place by loving each other with a fiery bluntness, and honesty. To yell and be loud for Jah, to surrender all in order as an offering for all that was given to us. Many of us have been voices in the wilderness, at this point I am being called to go to town.

The Tucson trip was good, and the mystics were there. The opposition popped up regularly and it seemed that we all were able to avoid any issues, using the understanding that we have to expect ones fears to invade and we will have to be aware in the best ways to create strength and encourage unity. Jah Love can move mountains.  I will post some pics and an article about the Tucson trip next. For Now, this is were I am at..that no matter where I go or what I do, all things only allow InI to have more to offer Jah, and the movement of Rastafari. Really looking forward to sharing the new art, all of which are part of the process of Growth. Hope your experiencing a rising your self, we need it, all of us. Renewal and Resurrection time. Spread Life. SelassiegreencrossCU

Give thanks for the Love  and Mercy of the Almighty One, whom watches InI’s and protects Us. Give thanks for being able to be called by His Name, and In His Name let Us Be Joyful, for He is Jah. Deliverer and Guide, Strength and only Law. Holy of Holies, Living God, and Everlasting Father. Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah, Rastafari. In the Name of the Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit. One God. Amen.

The Christian Comic Collective: Gebre Menfes Qeddus Project.

Gebre Menfes Qeddus: Christian Comic. Ras Elijah Tafari

Gebre Menfes Qeddus: Christian Comic. Ras Elijah Tafari

Melkam Genna for all those who are celebrating the Orthodox Christian Christmas. We give thanks for the Birth of Eyesus Krestos and the Holy Fulfillment of Jah in Flesh. We have seen it many times, and because of the Power of Haile Selassie I, for I personally, The Scriptures has had more than relevance but foreseen answers and results. It depends how the Spirit speaks to your soul at the time. Having a personal relationship with the Creator is one where He doesn’t just always reveal the Book. He loosens it, and it is up to us see the seals. The fantastic journey into Coptic and Orthodox Christianity as a whole has brought many blessings and insights. Part of that is knowledge of the Saints and Martyrs, many of whom are living out the old battles of non violence and humility that we can see today. To show the mystics of the ages who lived in Africa is helpful in many ways…more than InI could say, Working with some wonderful people, including Tekle Selassie, and GebreSelassie Tafari, and Ras Teo Hartoonian, whom all played a hand that planted the seed to attempt to make a comic line that could involve young people in the Ethiopian Orthodx Church and other Churches that have the same Saints and Martyrs internationally. To build ties and congregations while involving youth on a Christian artistic collaborations that celebrates the Great teachers and examples of the Faith. By working together, we can create more issues that can be as expansive as a group decides. We have the script written for this issue and I will happily send to anyone who can correct or advise of the scripting of Holy Saint Gebre Menfes Qeddus. Right now it has been sent to a deacon to be looked at, and Jah Willing Blessed in time. Likewise we are able to use the pencils and to be shared with whomever to practice and submit so we can build a Christian Comic Collaboration. This issue, the pencils are finished and anyone who wants to ink or give a young person a story to ink is welcome to email or inbox InI, to get a high quality scan that can be inked right away. We would like to see the Comic reach as many Orthodox Churches and Communities as well, inside the comic will be a proposal for efforts to unify in multiple manners. This book about the Holy Saint, Abune Gebre Menfes Qeddus is only 8 pages in total (that includes the cover ect..),  So we can make it low cost and share and send it out as an example. I would like to have a crew and Churches who are willing to collaborate on a full length black and white comic about Moses the Ethiopian, where we can include as many congregations as possible in the creation process. This can be more than a Sunday School exercise, it can be a form of witnessing and engaging in a new way consistently. I will be happy to speak about workshops and more details for those who would like to be involved. To Celebrate this Day, and honor The Holy Spirit that has brought us to the Truth and Mercy of Eyesus Krestos, This is also the day of the Birth of Gebre Menfes Qeddus, 868 Ethiopian Calendar. I look forward to seeing who responds and can see the need for creative people in every element of publishing. Young and Old. Those who love letters, we need letterers, those who love to ink, we need ya, I would like to form a core crew that can make history and new artistic ways that will venerate Righteousness, human rights and Pan African Ideology. This is the beginning and there are many projects and inspirations to arrive. Please forward this to your local ( most likely Orthodox) Church to see if they would like to be involved, though anyone is welcome in the Spirit of Eyesus Krestos. Jah Bless you all. In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God. Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari.

Gebre Menfes Qeddus: Christian Comic. Ras Elijah Tafari

Gebre Menfes Qeddus: Christian Comic. Ras Elijah Tafari

Page 1 pencils, Gebre Menfes Qeddus Comic, low quality photo.Ras Elijah Tafari

Page 1 pencils, Gebre Menfes Qeddus Comic, low quality photo.Ras Elijah Tafari

Page 2 pencils, Gebre Menfes Qeddus Comic, low quality photo.Ras Elijah Tafari

Page 2 pencils, Gebre Menfes Qeddus Comic, low quality photo.Ras Elijah Tafari

Page 3 pencils, Gebre Menfes Qeddus Comic, low quality photo.Ras Elijah Tafari

Page 3 pencils, Gebre Menfes Qeddus Comic, low quality photo.Ras Elijah Tafari


More to come.. Inbox InI for any questions or to collaborate or sponsor.




Miles Davis: Kind of Blue…New art and thoughts.

Life is full of ups and downs, and for an artist sometimes the extremes are intense. As I look around the world, it seems that most people are dealing with subjects that make most of our lives look like heaven. I think about my loved ones locked up, my loved ones who aren’t here. It then makes I meditate on how special the ones we have here are. There are spiritual dynamics at works all the time, and the movement of the chakras upward allows I to see how high are we reaching when reasoning and interacting.  My Mind is multi layers that are being worked on and it is the point when the picture is composed that I can show the fullness of the vision. Will it even be fully composed, is a painting or song ever really finished…

I went to a show downtown Albuquerque the other night and someone through a large rock through my window. A thieve came and took all my poetry books, and art prints, my cd’s, and herbal oils and tinctures, my tools,  knife and cash.  Of course it felt terrible, but I had to look at the symbolism of myself in a suitcase, and the Rastaman being proud that he was the creator. And while there may be some addict selling my art on the street right now, I am blessed to know that the prints are copies of the vision, the music same way. Every poem pretty much I recorded even if it was rough, and though priceless, because I believed in the vision it too had been archived. And so I will rewrite the mediations from the songs, print more prints and CD’s,  and continue creating. When I got to my truck to see the glass shattered all over the inside and outside, I held my art pad in my hand and my last pencil, and felt an odd feeling. One of being here before, messed up with nothing but my art..and it was a reminder, that the relationship between an artist and art cannot be stolen and limited. That I am a creator, and as I drove home with freezing air blowing in my face I had to give thanks. That as much as my heart is attacked or robbed, it seems to regenerate and produce so that it can give it more. Without the emptiness I cannot be full, and its purpose is to give and then give some more. The Heart Chakra is one of the hardest channels for alignment. Challenges the levels and layers and looks to see if the composition is orderly,..up-full or down-full.

Miles Davis. Blue.

Miles Davis. Kind of Blue.

With so much going on, some old art came my way that I hadn’t been able to get reproductions of..this is one. In my brothers art private collection, was ” Miles Davis, Kind of Blue.” I got a great photo and now I can share it with you. Miles Davis is such a perfect and powerful artist for when things are tough, his paintings influence me, and his music has changed generations. Like the ghetto, we reflect our conditions, and like the ghetto there is a genius hidden away dancing and singing and painting the inner conflicts of humanity. Even if its kinda blue..

Prints are available : in the shop area at the top of the site..or you can email I at  This piece is only 25.00 plus shipping. Little lower price…

For everyone out there, keep your head high, and make something out of the day, your creative vision and life. Give thanks we are here together and build from the heART. Miles to go….

Rastafari Love.

New Mexico Rastafari Collective Newsletter Nov. issue is out!

Blessed Love and All,  a Special Coronation November issue is out. Give thanks for the warmth of Rastafari in New Mexico, we are joyful to share the meditations and unity together. Thank you for everyone that contributed, both near and far. Heart of Joy.

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Upcoming Event: ALBQ. HipHop and Reggae relief effort. Oct11th

Since Hurricane Maria touched the entire Caribbean it is hard for anyone who knows ones , lived or visited any of the islands to not care and be concerned. US citizens or not, the entire Carribbean has given the Earth a consciousness and connection to Africa and the Culture developed through each islands way of finding sovereignty and defending it.  Whether in the drum beats preserved, or the rich indigenous  history that proves our presence in the west before Columbus. The Caribbean has shaped world view through music and African awareness and reverence. The Word “Hurricane” is a Tiano word from the native people of Boricau aka Puerto Rico, the same natives that have given over 500 words we use regularly. Like BBQ, ( another Taino word)  it has transcended words, it is a link to how we used to relate and how many of us still do. Keep good relations and lets focus this year to helping out St. Croix, St. Martin, Dominica, Puerto Rico, do more than recover, but collectively realize that warming water is a result of rising temperatures. That this is man made to a heavy degree, a result of green house gases, majority are from THE MEAT INDUSTRY, AND THEN OIL AND GAS. The people of Caribbean have suffered massively for crimes that they have contributed and benefited least from. This is a bigger issue of how the Earth is treated, and whether we let the most murderous governments use the environment to spread a neocolonial agenda that only increases poverty and world suffocation.   I suggest that everyone see the speech made by the Prime Minister of Dominica to the United Nations about 2 weeks ago.

With that said, we are having a concert to raise awareness, and some money. It will be sent directly to a Ras in PR who is responsible and an honor to have in the community. I would like to send a warm hail up to Fikir Amlak and Brizon for putting out an album where 100 percent goes to PR. The link for that album is.

Here in New Mexico we have a show on Oct. 11th at Burt’s Tiki Lounge.  There are a lot of good performances, and with Third, as the host it will be a good event. Any live artists who want to paint free up and come. We will have a box for donations at the door and there will be no cover. SO DONATE> Big performances for GOOD EARTH, RAS ILLY, LEGEND JAMALSKI (BDP) BLUNT TRAMA, STEEZ JOBS, RAS ELIJAH, DJ KRON JEREMY,  WITH A SPECIAL GUEST DEF-I AND MORE. YUP, DEF-I THE ONE AND ONLY.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. Hip Hop and Reggae for Progress.



New Mexico~ Rastafari~ Collective~ NewsLetter Sept. # 2 is out!

Blessed Love to One and All, Greetings in the Name of His Imperial Majesty. Emperor Haile Selassie I. Give thanks for the royal warmth that was shown in the making and sharing of issue 1 of NMRC newsletter, this issue has so much pertaining to greater unity that it is important that it is public. I hope you enjoy it, and this has been a progressive month. We love any news that ones could add, thoughts and articles from New Mexico Ras in order to fully Itribute to the community near and far. Please send submissions to Feel free to share and get involved! Jah Bless! Rastafari Present.




Thank you for reading, and please link with any questions, comments, articles and artistic submissions. This is about getting to know each other, no matter how far we are physically, it is the Spirit that moves us together. Peace and Blessings with you all!! Thank you for everyone in the community, stay strong. “Duces up!” as my brother Charles X would say. Peace. Hail Selassie I Every Day.

Ras Elijah Tafari. Editor in Chief.