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Upcoming Event: ALBQ. HipHop and Reggae relief effort. Oct11th

Since Hurricane Maria touched the entire Caribbean it is hard for anyone who knows ones , lived or visited any of the islands to not care and be concerned. US citizens or not, the entire Carribbean has given the Earth a consciousness and connection to Africa and the Culture developed through each islands way of finding sovereignty and defending it.  Whether in the drum beats preserved, or the rich indigenous  history that proves our presence in the west before Columbus. The Caribbean has shaped world view through music and African awareness and reverence. The Word “Hurricane” is a Tiano word from the native people of Boricau aka Puerto Rico, the same natives that have given over 500 words we use regularly. Like BBQ, ( another Taino word)  it has transcended words, it is a link to how we used to relate and how many of us still do. Keep good relations and lets focus this year to helping out St. Croix, St. Martin, Dominica, Puerto Rico, do more than recover, but collectively realize that warming water is a result of rising temperatures. That this is man made to a heavy degree, a result of green house gases, majority are from THE MEAT INDUSTRY, AND THEN OIL AND GAS. The people of Caribbean have suffered massively for crimes that they have contributed and benefited least from. This is a bigger issue of how the Earth is treated, and whether we let the most murderous governments use the environment to spread a neocolonial agenda that only increases poverty and world suffocation.   I suggest that everyone see the speech made by the Prime Minister of Dominica to the United Nations about 2 weeks ago.

With that said, we are having a concert to raise awareness, and some money. It will be sent directly to a Ras in PR who is responsible and an honor to have in the community. I would like to send a warm hail up to Fikir Amlak and Brizon for putting out an album where 100 percent goes to PR. The link for that album is. https://iroots.bandcamp.com/album/fikir-amlak-brizion-we-live-on-dubplate-for-charity

Here in New Mexico we have a show on Oct. 11th at Burt’s Tiki Lounge.  There are a lot of good performances, and with Third, as the host it will be a good event. Any live artists who want to paint free up and come. We will have a box for donations at the door and there will be no cover. SO DONATE> Big performances for GOOD EARTH, RAS ILLY, LEGEND JAMALSKI (BDP) BLUNT TRAMA, STEEZ JOBS, RAS ELIJAH, DJ KRON JEREMY,  WITH A SPECIAL GUEST DEF-I AND MORE. YUP, DEF-I THE ONE AND ONLY.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. Hip Hop and Reggae for Progress.



The New Day has Begun.

It has been nearly 4 months of being on the Island of Puerto Rico, the colors and smells, breeze and ocean leave much for an artist who wants more nature and life in his life. I am very thankful for this experience.  Lots has been happening and the meditations are deep. I have been preoccupied with the adjustments and things are coming into focus. With Rastafari as the Head more Livity and Art is crucial. We are working for self sustainability through collective security and farming. Organizing and learning with ones has been a hola privilege. Our Eyes are still and forever on Ethiopia, and as the time arises we look forward to contributing as strong group to the preservation of Ethiopian History and Culture, and of course returning. We have much to do and making more powerful art is at the top of the list. I have some very exciting art coming out for some fantastic artists, as well as paintings from the soul for the soul. As an artist, we like to get deep and on another post I will have some comments about artistic revelations, now here is the update…12783682_1815141518713278_4677643401808664640_o

Lots of stuff is going on, including a real roots album that we have been making in Boricua. There are alot of very good artists here, Itege Castro, Misael Gonzalez, Bongo-I, Fikir Amlak, and it is an honor to be in the company of such powerful humans and voices for the King and Queen of Kings. Hector De Negro, producer, and bassie has been a powerful instrument of Rastafari, teaching and laying down tracks for the future with a powerful VI Roots Puertoricano Touch.  A band is forming and we look forward to touring and playing live shows. The album will be my first All Reggae Album and its right on time. For info link at lionartproductions@gmail.com.  12507219_10153333502807742_8193543130609707712_n

The S.O.S. Album, Ras Elijah and Charles X Collab.  Has sold out in its first printing and we look forward to making some more, ( it can still be attained digitally). Give thanks for Blessed Fire Creations, Glass Blowing and more, for the strength. “Occifer” From the S.O.S. album with Sgt. Remo will be coming out on his new album, (SGT. REMO AND FRIENDS). He has three projects coming out soon so look out from him. “Forward MOVEMENTS” EP, plus a vinyl.  Charles X is on tour and doing great, look out for his new album, ’Sounds of the Yesteryear’ and video, ” Can you do it?” just released!! Lots more to tell you about but for now that is it. Give thanks for Life, and Give thanks for supporting the Arts. A New Day has Begun. Bless up all the corners of the Earth, know we are One People in His Likeness and Image. In the Power Of the Trinity We Are. One Jah.