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Its been a long time in the making and the Hip Hop Album “Wisdom” will be released on Nov. 2nd 2017- Unless if your in Denver this Sept 10 Celebrations! For a special occasion, coming out tomorrow is a 16 page Book, of thoughts, lyrics, art, of the times and Emperor Haile Selassie I. It will a limited series, and will only be available through select outlets.

The Scheduled Release of the album officially is November 2nd, 2017 to Honor the 77th Anniversary of the Crowning of the King of Kings, Jah in Flesh, Emperor Haile Selassie I along side with Empress Menen Asfaw and Royal Youth. The Root of David and Conquering Lion of Judah as Earth’s True Rightful Ruler.


This album wouldn’t be possible without the great strength of Jose of Light Worker Productions, Jah Ivan of Good Over Evil Productions, DeeZee of UnderDog Productions, By the River Productions along with Brother Immanuel from TSHIHION IHIYHTHZH Music, Brother Diles of Visceral View, Brother Charles X and K-OTIC, Robby from Underwater Productions, Brother Mark Seville, and some O.G.’s that always stay hidden. You know who you are.


The Books are 15.00 and come with the CD, that will be available from a select few, inbox INI if you want to have one put on hold. We also have a lovely Music Video Coming soon from Brother Lucas of THICITY Productions! Thank You King!  The album will be all over and widely available Jah Willing, Let ones know and I pray that it is a strength in the world, where there is so much information and so little WISDOM.


Wisdom Album Cover Ras Elijah Tafari

All Praises due to the Jah the Father, Son and Mother of Creation. ONE JAH. Rastafari!

Music is flowing!

There is so much happening, when it comes to music. So here is a little of the haps..I am working on 3 projects, One Here in Puerto Rico! Powerful!; being around ones who live and breath Reggae. We are forming a band and will be available for shows soon. Give thanks for Jah  bringing forth Hector (De Negro) Reyes and all the Mighty Musicians. N`i Studios. DSCN1637

One which is international, and 1984 is a sample of what German Producer Imanuel Ihi D brings to the table, it is a Roots album. Thick with poetry and substance, New York, Trinidadian Producer Omar Benevolent will be leading with meditative beats and contemplative sounds. That album, titled, “Conquer Fear.” is being finalized and cleaned up by Diles of Visceral View. Big Up Jose Martinez of LightWorkers Productions for the mastering. “1984″ Ras Elijah Tafari. Produced by Imanuel IHI D & By The River Productions

The album that has the furthest release date is being made totally by Visceral View, and features the unique meld of Hip Hop and Funk to make creative and true to Hip Hop sounds with a Rastafari message of goodness. InI have been on three previous collab albums with Viseral View, who makes a annual album called Green Chile in the Air. Below are three tunes from the last three years. This Year will be very exciting.

This is the newest tune from the Green Chile Series

Simplicity. Green Chile in the Air Volume 5

and here is one from the year before

Chosen.New Single off the Album ” Green Chile in the Air Vol. 4″ Produced mixed and mastered by Visceral View, Central Root Studios, Colin Diles, all rights reserved. Vocalists in order of appearance, Dremon, Charles X, Ras Elijah Tafari.

and this the first, Volume 3. Featured in the intro of the film “Chalk Life” Produced by Jarred Cleeridin Str8 Up Media. It is a great movie about Rock Climbing in New Mexico and I was blessed to Narrate it as well. Check it out, over 154,000 views so far. ..Chalk Life Vol.1 Full Movie

Ras Elijah Tafari “My name is HipHop” (Prod. by Diles)


Give thanks for listening and I pray the energy was raised with positive thoughts. We have a lot of work to do and the music is both a vehicle and a prayer.  More styles and unique experiences learning and growing, being spread and recorded. Fe Jah. Know We are ONE. Rastafari. Haile Selassie I. One Jah. R.7.