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Oct. New Mexico Rastafari Collective Newsletter is out!!!

This issue seemed to have international relevance so it is being published publicly this month. We would lIke to thank Prophet Justus of the E.A.B.I.C. and Empress Lindsy M. Solomon. It is also an update to last months article about going to Denver to meet with the Ras and celebrate the Ethiopian New Year. Blessed 2010! Hope you enjoy the articles and link anytime with thoughts or comments.



Thank you for reading, hope you check the next issue. ONE PERFECT LOVE.  HOLY EMMANUEL I KING SELASSIE I JAH. RASTAFARI.

New Art ***2016***

There is so much happening and art will be coming out regular. Many projects under wraps, all I can say is this is a powerful year. Make it happen, get it done! Here is some stuff that I can release now, all from this year and with that Puerto Rico twist. If you want a print, go to the shop section and color prints. Let Jah Be Praised. Selassie I Bless! Three Kings

This painted piece was one of the first InI made when we arrived in Puerto Rico. This was done to honor the time and the mystic presence of the Three Kings.
It was nice not to see Santa, but instead, Three men with turbans of different skin shades, on a holy vision quest in search of a future of Kingly Salvation. It made the welcome even more Ivine, being that men in turbans are respected rather than feared as many other places. This piece is now with El Negro, but prints are available. They come is a special sleeve and backing for protection. Right now I can only do them 8.5 by 11, so its 25.00 plus the shipping. It looks great in a frame and a wonderful gift anytime of the year.


Little piece that gave I a lot of peace. Original is 5×5, this piece is one that speaks for itself. Prints are available, 5×5 and looks great in a little frame. It made a room much more calming.Prints are only 20.00 for these. Acrylic and Indian ink. Original sold.


This is a piece honoring the Rastafari Women and the Native Woman of Creation. She holds the mud in her hands and is supposed to feel like clay and earth tones.
Her heart explodes with joy of being able to be the blessings and fruit of the dirt. Originally done 5×5, Prints look best at that size. Great in a little frame. Bagged and Backed 20.00 for this print. Original is sold.