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lightening and fire angelsig

New Painting “LAVA”

It is a true joy to feel the Spirit in this time and I hope you enjoy this new piece,  ”LAVA.” The piece is inspired by the Fire that Ethiopia produces within the Higher Self that holds the Energy of the Heavens. Foot Firm on the Rock, The Grounding is the harnessing of the Gift of Power ( HAILE). InI have the Angels comforting and guiding I, this is a painting of the feeling of the awesome current that unites us with the angelic forces.

lightening and fire angelsig

New paintings are coming forward, and its a joy to share them with everyone. Let The Most High be Praised. In excitement for the Ethiopian New Year Celebrations  ( Sept. 11) I have been painting a lot! InI look forward to sharing the art at The Base Camp on Sunday in Denver and will be sharing huge amounts of art with the community to reason on African History, Collective Responsibility, Ethiopian Prophecy and Rastafari Culture.

The Original is available and permission and rights are also available for a CD cover/ t-shirts. You can also support by buying a Signed Print which are 25.00 plus shipping. If interested in the Original please inbox on the site or at lionartproductions@gmail.com. Give thanks for the Life Giver, for the Power of the Most High Living In Us. Jah Rastafari. Selassie I.

Rastafari perspective on current USA and its impact on the World.

It seems that it isn’t natural to continue as last week, when we are in a different reality today. The events of the last few days has altered the consciousness of the World, let alone the USA. Never before have I witnessed a “leader’s” words be more destructive than a terrorist attack. Though Trump has empowered white supremacists he has also brought many to have study the foundation of the USA and realize that both race and racism are interlinked to the future and the past of the USA. Further, the study and refusal to accept Fascist behavior is what internationally the world has been calling for and often has the USA to thank for lack of democracy and current Fascist governments, specifically that of the Philippines, Egypt and Israel. The change and tide may be the saving grace for billions of the Earth’s population if the USA chooses to reconcile with its past and present monsters. The only way to deal with any sickness is to recognize it so it can be addressed.

Both racism and fascist behavior is so systematic that it is older in form than the USA, and has been corrupting everyone on this planet since before birth. Since the day most were born they have been taught to be white supremacist, all colors, all nations. Internationally the darkest and most indigenous people are hated- why are the Roots of all nations hated by their children? It is because all modern media was created to encourage and continue imperial colonialism and white supremacy. Even before the camera’s and radio, libraries and information were published and controlled for masses in amounts to simply hold a monopoly and authority over knowledge. Books not approved by the Church from a long time have been looked at as not authentic..this is white supremacy in the form of inquisition style fascism, where the Catholic Church is the dictator.

In this time it is no different, here in NM we have the terrorists known as conquistadors that are honored. We have streets and schools all honoring men that no doubt murdered millions of people collectively, and this before George Washington, so the USA doesn’t feel that there is any responsibility to repair the Spanish terrorism that is still reminding us of injustice. The basic insensitivity of thinking life is based on war and conquering, that the victors have a right to create class warfare with whomever they wish is the foundation of modern capitalism. All of this is based on white supremacy in different forms. This started before the English arrived and is collectively the World’s issue when we look at the class warfare that it used in every country through drug wars to basic beauty standards. Now things have changed and here is why…

For the first time, in the name of ” freedom” the USA president has said that there are good and fine people in the KKK and who are Nazi’s. The USA who was never invaded during WW2 and never cared to help for years, profiting off of Hitler and Fascism, has no clue what it means to be invaded or bombed. It has no idea what war looks like at home. Those who have, know that Nazi’s and Fascists are more than mis-intentioned, they are lead by a vision that has no respect for human life. In Germany it is illegal to wear or wave a Nazi flag. If the Taliban or ISSL wants to have a march would it be excusable? The KKK and Nazi’s have been considered terrorists organizations for 3 decades, and still they are having rallies. It has often been noted that when Europeans commit acts of terror there is a double standard. Both African and Europeans are more likely to be murdered in the USA by white supremacists than any other terrorist organization.

Since President Truman the USA has used Nuclear weapons to bully the world and has consciously choose to in a similar way make human life not sacred but expendable and blood profitable. This foreign policy has revealed to the World for years its true motives, which is far from spreading democracy. It has used weapons as its currency for votes and approval. With the hypocrisy of the office of President and the USA people, her citizens are at odds with the dream of the country. It seems that the shame of the USA being looked at as a place for fascists and nazis has finally reached the general public. For years we have expressed our biggest “fear” is being attacked by a white supremacists, and now Europeans are realizing that it is also their biggest threat. This is deeper than the masses have realized because the long relationship the USA has had for Nazi’s and how many were hired by the US government and allowed to enter after WW2. This obsession with WW2 has a special meaning to Rastafari, being that the call to fight fascists came from Emperor Haile Selassie I after Benito Mussolini invaded of Ethiopia. He warned the world, that it may be HIM today but it will be you tomorrow. It came to pass then, and it is coming to pass now. Rastafari connected Fascism and colonialism as the same ideology and this is the conflict with US policy and European foreign policy.

Right now, people in the US have been confronted with the terrorist next door, with the real domestic enemies that have killed more Americans than any foreigner, the legacy of the Confederacy. What they are also having to deal with is that they have made room for this evil by allowing fear-mongers to push the Drug War, Minimum/Mandatory sentences, pro-Israel bias, and being absent on any conference on racism let alone human rights courts and laws. The USA has been a rogue state for a long time, and now the population has noticed that some people don’t care about anything decent when it comes to international expectations. Donald Trump has done something that has never been done, he has encouraged White Supremacists and has also given space for a reasonable rebellion from the population and those who face tyranny by a Nazis.


After I heard the “president’s” comments or lack of, I wanted to write Marvel comics and Hollywood for constantly making Nazi’s the bad guy and the KKK the enemy of dignity. I thought it was being over done for years, but that programming came out when it came to resisting and refuting the KKK and Nazi sympathizers. Its like we are back in the 1940′s and when it comes to simple logic, if any other terrorist organization walked down your streets threatening the citizens the least most would have is a baseball bat ready. This is not the 1960′s where mobs can attack people with pepper spray and fists and not expect to get  it back. Self defense is a God given reaction. For years non violence has been used and fascists think they can walk over the people. We as Ethiopians and Rastafari are as Anti-fascist as it gets, and when it comes to fighting against fascists it is a duty to the cause of freedom to erase the notion of dominion over another thru violence and terror. We can see that the police when confronted by those with guns will run and it is simply ourselves collectively that is the only government that will operate. Collective Security then as well as now is the solution, and maybe the USA will be able to actually do the same with the World Community as they combat similar psychopaths that threaten the world’s peace.


Right now, we are being confronted with a new issue. One that as Africans we have noted for years, that due to the program of White Supremacy, it is up to Europeans to decry white supremacy as a theology based on hate and subjection without any supreme thoughts included.  Europeans (and most of the world) have been programmed to only listen to Europeans. We have said, and warned the world, ” That until the color of a mans skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes..there will be war.” Emperor Haile Selassie I. Now is the time where true reflection is needed from all of the World about who are their leaders, and if there are none, then now is the time to be one.

I thank all those who in any way have publicly spoken out in order not to create disunity, and I would hope a closer study of the subject continues so that we can look at how to change to future of the USA to what its greatest potential is, to have a renaissance within that defines a vision to be rather than a dream for some and nightmare for others. We thank all those who made a stand for peace in Charlottesville and through out the world, respectful of the multitudes who given their life for human rights and dignity.

I leave you with a Word From His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I. “Throughout History, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”
May Jah Protect You. Rastafari.



New Reggae Music Releases and Album Art!

Wanted to Give a warm salute to the singers and players of Instruments. Lionartproudctions is proud to announce NEW RELEASES of music that InI have helped in the visual productions.  All the artists and companies are true to the teachings of His Imperial Majesty and strive to teach and educate the world through praises and song. I give thanks for the Almighty for Bringing these Royal Warriors to the microphone to guide us in our doings.

1. Is Arkaingelle: Tru Da Fyah! Zion High Productions http://zhpreggae.com


https://www.facebook.com/zhpreggae/?hc_ref=OTHER&pnref=storyArk Aingelle + Zion I Kings #Herbalist now playing @ Ark AingelleSoundCloud… Check out a sample of the album at https://soundcloud.com/arkaingelle/herbalisthttp://

BUY THE ALBUM AT:  Ernie B Reggae and Support Rastafari Businesses.       https://www.facebook.com/ernieb.reggae?fref=mentionshttp://


#TruDaFyah album release coming July 21 @Apple Music and worldwide everywhere… cds available via Ernie B Reggae

ArkAngel fin.

Original Design.  Pencil and Computer Graphics: Prints 25.00 for a signed print. 8.5 x 11.

2. Next album is one in the works but the first of the Mad Lion Riddim artists has released his BIG tune. Big up Misael González Joey A. Oyola Bravo Benjie Fuentes for a Musical anthem for a Right Boricau! Honor to be involved. ONE JAH. Justice and Freedom for Puerto Rico! Listen to the track: https://soundcloud.com/joeydema/mad-lion-riddim-ft-misael-gonzalez?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook


Original Art Below:


Mixed Media. Copper and acrylic, indian ink and a little computer clean up. Prints are 25.00 Inbox for info. It will be in the catalog soon! BLESS. Titled: ” MAD LION.”

3. Last and definitely not least is the most recent release ” From Zero” from Indubious. The album has a fantastic orchestration of music and variety of reggae that is very well made. The Song writing is both deep and poetic, well written and keeps the audience enjoying. It is doing very well on iTunes and is a refreshing cross over and still roots. Authentic and from the Heart the musical sound and message is excellent and smooth.  I didn’t design the cover but I did do the inside art. It is a painting of the musicians and elders of some of the artists. Each artist are all souls that are interlinked to the soul of souls, the King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I in a cosmic accompaniment. Hear is a teaser and video of the album:https://www.facebook.com/indubiousmusic/videos/10155391106077641/?hc_ref=OTHER&pnref=story


Purchase on Itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/from-zero/id1242583120

Purchase on bandcamp: www.indubious.bandcamp.com

also on Spotify and Amazon Music.

The Album Features: Sizzla, Akae Beka (Vaughn Benjamin), and Zahra.

Once again, it was an honor to be included and a beautiful display of unity in the cause of moral persuasion.  Check the display and art below! DSCN5782





Please support the Rastafari movement and spread the message, by picking up some music and checking what these artist have already done. Enjoy and learn of the continuing teachings of His Imperial Majesty as experience by His Children. Of Course read and be diligent in the Word of King Selassie I Himself, so that we too can hear and see the King within.  Prayers of Peace and Power and Patience.

Ras Elijah Tafari.







New Painting “RED.” Limited edition prints!

redbobo1This painting was a joy to do, as I ease from the abstract to the roots. Symbolizing the Eternal Christ-God Nature of Man Shepard and Guardian, in the Golden Red Hills that could be any where, is the Melchizadok essence holding the Red Gold and Green Banner in this time. Done with Acrylic and Indian Ink, 36″ 28″ This piece has already been sold. However PRINTS are being released in a special series of numbered 20. They are only 40.00 and will be signed and numbered with a note of limit authentic reference. For now send a message, it will be on the prints catalog soon. The Painting is titled ” RED”.  Thank You and Jah Bless.

Blessed Love One and ALL. Whats up..

Give thanks for the Life Giver and the Blessing Jah has brought on Us. We are engulfed by His Presence and when alert can easily see the Hands of Jah in Our Lives. There is really so much to say, and I look forward to presenting poignant points for the benefit of humanity.

commentary on the relationship in Africa between her oldest and newest theologies and traditions. And the work it takes to get along.

commentary on the relationship in Africa between her oldest and newest theologies and traditions. And the work it takes to get along.

Been painting steady and there are so many new paintings coming out. Under wraps, but look out for new works with musicians that we all love. Lots of new music projects as well, finishing an album together Visceral View, and a Hip Hop project with Jah Ivan out of Spain, as well as Underwater out of Belgium.  Some singles that will be released soon and there’s another album finished… All I can say is that this will be a great Summer.


InI will also be publishing books, something that ones can carry in their pocket. The style will be publishing a political cartoon “Zine” as well as collected essays about Rastafari and Black Liberation. I encourage others to link and to do the same. The importance of education in creative forms that are personal speak more than quoting others sometimes. Though, His Imperial Majesty stands alone, we each have a perspective that is important to the fullness when focused. Honor to the publishers of the Word of Jah, Frontline Books, distribution and Publishing, Ras Sakuo,  Ras John, in Chicago, royal salute.

in progress, part of a trinity series.

in progress, part of a trinity series.

Quick sneak peak at a painting to coming soon, it has already changed since this photo was taken, I will follow up with the progress.  If anyone is looking for Album Covers, Original art or prints. Please inbox InI and we will get to you quickly. If you are interested in collaborating same way, please don’t hesitate. Unity is strength. Give thanks for the Almighty Creator, The One that is The POWER and Virtue, The Trinue King who rules the Heaven and the Earth. Adoni JAH Rastafari. Haile Selassie the First King Alpha. Empress Mennen the Finale Queen Omega.

Blessed Love to One and All.

Ras Elijah Tafari.


Spring Digital Art Show. Modern, Abstract and Realism.

Welcome to the 2017 Ras Elijah Tafari Spring Digital Art Show. 19 new paintings and originals now available for sale and viewing. To get first pic, inbox InI and your art will get to you quick. You can also email InI at lionartproductions@gmail.com. This is the first time I have shown a large number of abstract pieces and its hard to explain what is the total of what I am painting. We are dealing with the untangle and un-harrasnessed and also showing the bridge to modern and realism. I hope it brightens your day and opens your mind to inner views and mediations on this amazing experience called life we share. More to come!  Jah Bless One and ALL.
past the horizon
Past the Horizon.
About flying further than imagined and being color soaring in motion. 16″x 20″ Indian ink and acrylic, 225.00
By any name it is still.
 By Any Name is Still.
More than a painting of a rose it is the personality. The jagged nature and background golds and violets contrasts the beauty that is spiked in the personality of the rose to show a idea of raw beauty within beauty. 18″24″ Acrylic and Indian Ink, and metallic Gold. 175.00
Comfortable Fustration
 Comfortable Frustration.
 There are many things with in this piece, and what comes to the surface is that in the chaos and clutter there is a frustration that is not anger but in the midst of finding peace. Peace is offered by very few lines that bring composition to the piece and express that stick like order can be enough to bring comfort with blue to greens and yellows allowing “the fall” to have its place.
Indian Ink and Acrylic. 16″20″ 200.00
Her Everlasting Warmth
Her Everlasting Warmth
A mold of abstract and earthly lights and drips on a black night background. Bringing out the simple movement of the mother of all ages. With Copper for the hands facing upwards, a symbol of connecting time space, heaven, earth, here and there, now and then. She still overshadows us, without a shadow. She is the outline of Everlasting warmth.
12″x 18″ Acrylic,Indian Ink, Metallic Copper. 250.00
Joy in motion
Joy in motion.

a playful and surreal journey of flying and feeling joy. Leaving room for the imagination it allows ones to travel and feel happiness through light motion feeling and color. 16″ x 20″ indian ink and acrylic. 225.00
seperate and together
Separate and Together.
A favorite piece of mine, About the dynamics of elements and opposites that work together but are not the same and are often opposed. From Dry to Wet, night to day, man to woman, season to season, each one is contained and honored as unique and yet inclusive in a whole picture that preserves its borders being separate and together. 40″x 30″ acrylic and indian ink. 350.00
The movement of a flower and that of a woman is like watching a dance that can not be captured but captures us. This piece is an abstract expression of this. 11″ x 11″ Acrylic, Metallic Copper and Gold, Indian Ink. 175.00
yet to get along
 Yet to get along.
A piece that uses the oldest of our collective faith in the symbolism of an African woman with tattoos on her face to the most recent of religions, Islam that seems to have a disconnection to Africa Roots. The contrast of the hard and cold, to the soft and mud like texture of her face, as is his posture, being rigid and unemotional connect the abstract to modern issues and thoughts.. He has eyes but they do not see her. In some ways it is a commentary to how Islam in Africa has a serious issue with indigenous beliefs and tribes. The constant conflict is evidence that we have “yet to get along.” This piece is the intro into the next series that deal with African suffrage and freedom. 12″x16″ Indian Ink and Acrylic. 300.00
night phoniex
Night Phoenix.
A bird of spirit, that using the dark as well as the light to soar. The motion of flight in etheric flames, will raise the viewer into new thoughts of transcendence beyond form. 24″ 36″ Acrylic and Indian Ink. 150.00
This next series is part of the Spring Art Digital Show. It is based in Black Liberation and Freedom. Our Suffering is only a temporary obstacle to find permanent freedom, it is based first how we see ourselves and look at any problem. We are creators of Culture, and therefore a revolutionary life force of the people through creative action. I hope you enjoy the next pieces.
Music is freedom.
Music is Freedom

This piece is part of a three part series focusing on freedom in the midst of oppression. Using many shades of blues and browns, the loneliness and pain is eased only by a stereo. Where naked, alone in chains, is just the surface of a rich coat of music that helps most of us cope every day. The importance that the arts play in an isolated society is the importance of a key to a prison door. Slight influence from Miles Davis, Kinda Blue.
12″x 12″ Acrylic and Indian Ink 350.00
the brush is freedom
Painting is Freedom.
Set in a mud like prison, in the day time, the space and emptiness represents potential. While the man represents the
Black Nation, strong and in our prime, still chained and if we get tired or let our head down we will strangle ourself. The Focus on the brush is the focus on freedom. That this is it, art is culture, culture are revolutions of people in themselves. This revolution is Life creating itself. So it is, The Brush is Freedom. 36″x 24″ Indian Ink, Acrylic, Copper metallic. 500.00
The Mike is freedom
The Mike is Freedom.
In the last of the series, We have the a straightjacket on the Dread Locked Ras. This represents the labeling of America on Black Rage and that our only output often is making poetry and recording our thoughts. That the way to break the grip of insanity is to yell out what is sane and insane, simply to remind self and any listening in such a crazy world that Microphone is the outlet, input and key to freedom. 12″x12″ Acrylic and Indian Ink. 275.00
This is a piece about the odd life that many are in within Africa and in the Sudan specifically. Tied in a world where tradition has both betrayed and saved us, we are introduced to the west, and whether we like it or not, they have intruded and we are wearing the results of a modern western legacy. To who made the borders, to who makes the weapons, We live in two worlds, loosing power in both as we adapt. Pencil, 11″x17″ 450.00
The World on My Back.
Abstract and modern, this piece represents what many feel as the world grows heavier and colder. Cut and bleeding on the back of all people should be Earth with Africa center. In our daily lives I wonder if ones know that there is a wound that is bleeding in the heart and backs of men, and that until WE are all free, we are not yet free. Better Photos are in the works for prints.
14″x20″ Acrylic and Indian Ink. 300.00
This next series is about the Emperor Haile Selassie I. All but one original is still available and all of these pieces will be available in prints. If you want to get the first one reserved, or pre-ordered please inbox InI on this cite. Pray the art fills you with inspiration!
In the Heavens does His Throne ReignIn the Heavens Does His Throne Reign.

This piece is a look at blending the flesh away into a cosmic background of movement and song. A feeling like when you can hear Majesty and its only for a while until you can see the stars and sky reveal the faces of men that ascend material. All His Springs.
24″ 30″ Acrylic, Indian Ink, Spray paint. 400.00
Abstract Coronation
HIM abstract
Coronation piece where it all coming together dramatically. Haile Selassie I walking forward to greatness.
18″x 24″ Acrylic and Indian Ink 250.00
Modern Coronation
 HIM modern
Haile Selassie I at His Coronation, colors are brighter than the picture. using a modern style that captures the 1930′s modern art colors, brought a clean and direct feeling of the Emperor in His Royal Robes.  18″x24″ Indian Ink and Acrylic 400.00
Watching with concern.
Watching in concern.
A piece with Gold in the background and using light to hit a very sober King of Kings who looks out with concern.
24″x30″ Acrylic, Metallic Gold, Indian Ink. 250.00
This piece was made for Occupy and preserve Pinnacle in JA, and is the album cover for Dub Iration’s Album. The album as well as the art/prints are all made to raise awareness about Leonard Howell, and the land that he set up for the First Rastafari Congregation. The building and community are represented in the painting and it was an honor to work with Many great ones in this project. All the proceeds for this piece goes to Pinnacle for preservation purposes.
Acrylic and Indian Ink, 24″x36″ 1500.00


Thank you for looking and reading, feeling and thinking. If you would like to have a show at your location, or reason on art, freedom, and liberation theology please link anytime. I am thankful to Jah for the gift and to be able to share it. InI look forward to all the works we all have to offer in the service of humanity and righteousness. Jah Bless, and Hold the Faith. Rastafari.

Ras Elijah Tafari



“Surfing on Clouds” New abstract/ landscape piece


This is a piece is in celebration of the snow that is coming on us. It has been a while since I have done landscape or snow scenes, and I wanted to make this one different. This one celebrates the cold and the warm as well as the drive of the mountains and the clouds. By Drive I mean, a glow that shoots from the heavens to the earth like a snow boarder surfing out of the clouds.

Indian Ink and Acrylic. Sold. Prints available.  20 bucks plus shipping.

“Mud Crystals” New abstract piece.


One of the most enjoyable pieces so far, in this abstract event.  In the quest to find new artistic frontiers that are not hallow, I have been exploring many introspective topics.  As I mix metals and ink, new tones of purple copper and yellow green bronze start the journey. A marble dimension and portal awaits where there is an unfolding of possibility and where limitations dissolve. I started to wonder where I was going, and the answer seemed to come up from the mud. A new Crystal coming to form that are steps into the next phase. A reality where fantasy and fiction seemed to absolute. The Mud Crystals developed into stairs and a peak, inviting all to join, as we fly into a new world.

This piece has been sold ( THANK YOU!) , and we are working on getting prints together. Let I know if you want to get a limited edition signed print.  Blessed Love. Rastafari.

Co-existence with borders. New Abstract Painting


This is a new painting that is part of the newest series in an Abstract Winter. This piece is about both the separation and the closeness, of day from night, land and air, about blurry and round, clear and straight. The Water like lines that don’t connect are liken to the relationship of man and God, man and woman, that as close as we are, somehow there is still room to grow in respect in a form of co-existence  that defines distinctness. In some ways it looks like a flag up side down and overgrown, absorbed into the surroundings, taking over by the elements and the land.  This piece is about space and borders. The complexity of co-existence.


Acrylic and Indian Ink. Price negotiable. 36″x24″