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Ras Elijah Tafari music.


Greetings and what a joy to celebrate the 86 anniversary of His and Her Imperial Majesties Crowning as King and Queen of Kings. We are excited to share an exclusive art show featuring  Ras Zakarias and InI.  Reasonings will be hosted by Prophet Justus of the EABIC and InI, about Rastafari as a movement and Ethiopia as Zion. All ages Evening celebrations with Selectors Big Toes HIFI and Dub Inna Valley, as well as Creation Sound Selector Ras Issac. There will be Vegan Food.

Everyone is welcome, and the doors open at 6. The Art will be on display all night the Reasonings are until 9. After 9 there will be a 5 dollar cover. This Sound system coming in is worth it!

InI look forward to hearing others touch the mic more than once. Sing Praises unto Rastafari, Sing to Him a New Song, Bless His Name and Proclaim His Deliverance from day today..



Joseph General Band and Family will be bringing in a great REGGAE show this Friday at Bandido Hideout. They will be bringing a special set where they will be bringing in many artists: DRE Z, FORELOCKS, BLES IFINITE, RAS ELIJAH TAFARI, RICKY PENCIL, KAPA KAPA AND MANY MORE. 3$ COVER, 2128 CENTRAL AVE SE, ALBUQUERQUE NM. 10-21-16 DOORS OPEN AT 7!  Come forward for a very special night!! RASTAFARI!


Music Agawn! The Cool Bus Experience.

Wanted to say it was a huge blessing to link with the Cool Bus Experience STR8 Outta California, Rastafari vocalist Mr. Majestic from JA is so seasoned and rich in sound and texture, it takes you back in time. The Guitars are great and what a pleasure to be able to sing with three guitars likewise, dont get me started on the Drummer.  While smiling the whole while, never misses a beat..Give thanks for coming forward, Puerto Rico has a real joy coming there way. Rincon at Cafe 413 was very cool and I hope every one enjoyed the set. We got more shows coming up, Isabella, Rincon again TOMORROW!, and San Juan. Details below. InI hope I can get some footage for everyone, its great to be able to do an opening set, before Mr. Majestic. Check them on Youtube. We will try and get more footage soon.. Big Up Edgardo ” Poncho”! Rastafari Love!


Music is flowing!

There is so much happening, when it comes to music. So here is a little of the haps..I am working on 3 projects, One Here in Puerto Rico! Powerful!; being around ones who live and breath Reggae. We are forming a band and will be available for shows soon. Give thanks for Jah  bringing forth Hector (De Negro) Reyes and all the Mighty Musicians. N`i Studios. DSCN1637

One which is international, and 1984 is a sample of what German Producer Imanuel Ihi D brings to the table, it is a Roots album. Thick with poetry and substance, New York, Trinidadian Producer Omar Benevolent will be leading with meditative beats and contemplative sounds. That album, titled, “Conquer Fear.” is being finalized and cleaned up by Diles of Visceral View. Big Up Jose Martinez of LightWorkers Productions for the mastering. “1984″ Ras Elijah Tafari. Produced by Imanuel IHI D & By The River Productions

The album that has the furthest release date is being made totally by Visceral View, and features the unique meld of Hip Hop and Funk to make creative and true to Hip Hop sounds with a Rastafari message of goodness. InI have been on three previous collab albums with Viseral View, who makes a annual album called Green Chile in the Air. Below are three tunes from the last three years. This Year will be very exciting.

This is the newest tune from the Green Chile Series

Simplicity. Green Chile in the Air Volume 5

and here is one from the year before

Chosen.New Single off the Album ” Green Chile in the Air Vol. 4″ Produced mixed and mastered by Visceral View, Central Root Studios, Colin Diles, all rights reserved. Vocalists in order of appearance, Dremon, Charles X, Ras Elijah Tafari.

and this the first, Volume 3. Featured in the intro of the film “Chalk Life” Produced by Jarred Cleeridin Str8 Up Media. It is a great movie about Rock Climbing in New Mexico and I was blessed to Narrate it as well. Check it out, over 154,000 views so far. ..Chalk Life Vol.1 Full Movie

Ras Elijah Tafari “My name is HipHop” (Prod. by Diles)


Give thanks for listening and I pray the energy was raised with positive thoughts. We have a lot of work to do and the music is both a vehicle and a prayer.  More styles and unique experiences learning and growing, being spread and recorded. Fe Jah. Know We are ONE. Rastafari. Haile Selassie I. One Jah. R.7.



Singing at Capital Building for “420″ San Juan Puerto Rico *2016*

What a joy and strength to see and sing at the Freejuana 420 Event in San Juan Puerto Rico. I-man had never attended a march in PR and it was a great experience. As a Ras, I was very thankful to see decades of Rastafari teaching manifest in many forms and facets. All evening I heard the name of King Selassie I and Justice echoed thru the pillars of the Capitol Building. The organizers and journalists can tell you more details, for now, I will post photographs of the event and let it speak for itself. Hopefully the videos will come out as well! DSCN1672

Ras Elijah Tafari Live In San Juan 420 Event.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 10.15.32 PM

From the moment we arrived we were photographed and filmed by the police, but that dont bother us….
Ras Martin, official Nyabinghi Representative for Puerto Rico, with the Elder. Royal Salute.
Reggae Vocalist Bongo-I! Performing Jacob Miller’s ” tenement yard”
Amazing Roots Vocalist Gomba Jahbari!!!DSCN1677

Rastafari Art and Cd’s, if you want a chalice let InI know! Rases around with amazing skills.

New Tune from Misael released 4/20/16, special!

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 6.17.09 PM

” Nos Vamos Por Ahi” Achete Music. Roots Reggae Puerto Rico. 420 Live on the steps of the Capital Building. Hector “DE NEGRO” Reyes on Bass! I gotta learn everyone’s name…chale.

Here is a video!

Organizers speaking….many people were arrested and this was worked out..hablo espanol es de question?420 FREE JUANA RALLY 2016

Here are a couple more videos, and I hope where ever you are, you are fighting for the Rights for all people to access the food and medicine the Most High Gave Us for Our benefit. Legalize the Herb. For Jah made it, and who and what is man that he can disagree with His Maker.

Wendell Daddy & Macka Blaze “Mr.Babylon/Fuego A Babylon” @ “El Capitolio” San Juan, PR 4/20/16

420 Freejuana PR. San Juan


The New Day has Begun.

It has been nearly 4 months of being on the Island of Puerto Rico, the colors and smells, breeze and ocean leave much for an artist who wants more nature and life in his life. I am very thankful for this experience.  Lots has been happening and the meditations are deep. I have been preoccupied with the adjustments and things are coming into focus. With Rastafari as the Head more Livity and Art is crucial. We are working for self sustainability through collective security and farming. Organizing and learning with ones has been a hola privilege. Our Eyes are still and forever on Ethiopia, and as the time arises we look forward to contributing as strong group to the preservation of Ethiopian History and Culture, and of course returning. We have much to do and making more powerful art is at the top of the list. I have some very exciting art coming out for some fantastic artists, as well as paintings from the soul for the soul. As an artist, we like to get deep and on another post I will have some comments about artistic revelations, now here is the update…12783682_1815141518713278_4677643401808664640_o

Lots of stuff is going on, including a real roots album that we have been making in Boricua. There are alot of very good artists here, Itege Castro, Misael Gonzalez, Bongo-I, Fikir Amlak, and it is an honor to be in the company of such powerful humans and voices for the King and Queen of Kings. Hector De Negro, producer, and bassie has been a powerful instrument of Rastafari, teaching and laying down tracks for the future with a powerful VI Roots Puertoricano Touch.  A band is forming and we look forward to touring and playing live shows. The album will be my first All Reggae Album and its right on time. For info link at  12507219_10153333502807742_8193543130609707712_n

The S.O.S. Album, Ras Elijah and Charles X Collab.  Has sold out in its first printing and we look forward to making some more, ( it can still be attained digitally). Give thanks for Blessed Fire Creations, Glass Blowing and more, for the strength. “Occifer” From the S.O.S. album with Sgt. Remo will be coming out on his new album, (SGT. REMO AND FRIENDS). He has three projects coming out soon so look out from him. “Forward MOVEMENTS” EP, plus a vinyl.  Charles X is on tour and doing great, look out for his new album, ’Sounds of the Yesteryear’ and video, ” Can you do it?” just released!! Lots more to tell you about but for now that is it. Give thanks for Life, and Give thanks for supporting the Arts. A New Day has Begun. Bless up all the corners of the Earth, know we are One People in His Likeness and Image. In the Power Of the Trinity We Are. One Jah.


Fin.Homage to the Land5

BLESSED CORONATION. JAH RASTAFARI! THE NEW AKAE BEKA ALBUM , ” Homage to the Land ” will be released for H.I.M Coronation Anniv. Akae Beka California Tour. TOMORROW! CHECK OUT for details and dates! This is a powerful and healing album that is a pleasure to listen to in every way. Respect to every one in FifthSon Records, all the players of Instruments. Immanuel LOVE. InI will be in San Diego for the last two shows for sure! Hope to see everyone there!! To get in touch please email at, Looking forward to sharing Jah Art with everyone. Jah Bless One and All. Selassie I and Forever.

Ten Heavens of The Book Of Enoch. Akae Beka. Homage to the Land

We have heard of the Nazarite Vow ( Numbers:6), and vows of celibacy, but there is nothing like Akae Beka. It is an Oath, One between the Most High and Micheal the Ark Angel as written in The Book of Enoch in chapter 68. verse 20-24.

The Book of Enoch POSTER400a3

20. Its name is Beka. He spoke to holy Michael to discover to them the sacred name, that they might understand that secret name, and thus remember the oath; and that those who pointed out every secret thing to the children of men might tremble at that name and oath.21. This is the power of that oath; for powerful it is, and strong.22. And he established this oath of Akae by the instrumentality of the holy Michael.23. These are the secrets of this oath, and by it were they confirmed.24. Heaven was suspended by it before the world was made, for ever.

This is the Oath in that is forever and all that is unchanging is. Unlike vows, this Oath of Akae is the affirmation of One in still and solid from whence the Waters where called into creation, and the Darkness commanded into existence. Vows are for a time, this oath is before and after time. The Oath of Akae is that of giving all free will up, so that there is nothing but a vessel clean and fully for and of Jah. akaebeka1025.358.360.sInI start this article saluting The Rastafari Elder and Spiritual Father to so many of us for speaking these hidden secret trembling words. To speak of an undying oath to forever be with Jah in all of the souls eternal journey. To Live in a fashion that has already raised ourselves and children into a higher resonance of feeling and thanks giving. In Heaven singing our prayers is of up most importance. He that was known as Vaughn Benjamin, He that has been revealed as Midnite, has been renewed as Akae Beka for us to know Jah in His Strength awaits those with unwavering commitment to fully surrender for all time, and follow only His Command. This the offering of the Heart and Soul to Our True Home,  The Right Kingdom Heaven where the Most High dwells, both above and below. An Offering to the Spiritual not of the material.

Thru making this Oath, Akae Beka, This prophetic and powerful healer, will do more than sing and new song. He will make us read, hundreds of thousands will read the Book of Enoch than never would have, and many will read it again whom have heard its name again in the spiral. Perhaps we will be able to reason together on all the powerful words that are written before Noah, and thru the instruction of Our Father and His Angels, that from the viewpoint of Heaven, Earth and the World are but a day in which the beginning and end is set and done. Where there is a divine order that stretches across multi-verses, and this experience is but one of many to see what we are made of and to who we truly belong.  With that let I expand on the Ten Heavens in this new piece.

The Book of Enoch POSTER400a3

The best plan is to read The Book of Enoch for there is a reason I painted it rather than re-told it. With that said, Many will ask many questions. Including who is the woman at the bottom. Let I first begin with, while meditating I asked about the nature of all the male figures. It was revealed to I, that in Heaven, we are souls, we are not bodies, we are seen through our conduct, that angels are deeper than we see them and so are people. There is one man in the picture, every thing else is bigger than the material bodies and based on the souls absolution before the King of Kings.  The figure in the bottom right is Babylon the Harlot and is a replica of the image used in a mural to describe  Babylon in St. Georges Cathedral for Emperor Haile Selassie I in Addis Abba. She is as she was painted before, praying for mercy when her judgement was self created and inevitable. In the eyes of Heaven the Flood and the Fire, Genesis and Revelations are closely connected. Ones will see the Ark symbolized with Noah, whom is the Grandson of Enoch.  The Seven Mountains represent that which is called Mixed-Mineral Demons. The are forces that fallen angels that went into the mountains so  that they could tempt man when unearthed. Such mixed-mineral demons are tin, and steel which energetically let men to make weapons. Another is gold, in which we have seen can make people act to this day immorally and very evil sometimes, any one who has been around a lot of gold will tell you there is a change in vibration in odd ways. In the left bottom is the words, ” The Beginning and the End ” written in Arabic, which seemed to be the only language that flowed with the art and waves.  There is another story that is also being told with animals as symbolism and there are references to that, such as the Eagles carrying away the lambs and the Black Bull ( 8th heaven) which is serving two symbolic purposes. One being representing the exact age in the time of the Egyptian Zodiac that would remind viewers of the Greek Zodiac and a reference to that which is older, ( though Egypt wasnt born yet as we know it in this book). The second is to refer to: LXXXV-XC. The Second Dream-Vision of Enoch: the History of the World to the Founding of the Messianic Kingdom.

The First Heaven, a place of many wonders and teachings that greatly resemble international beliefs about keepers of snow, rain, hail, seeds ect. It opened InI to the many names ones have for similar ideas. An Atmospheric Heaven, with Etheric Elemental Angels dancing and singing as they disperse and rain on the World/Earth. There is a difference and that is why Enoch is taken up, because he see all this and knows that the Earth is a planet and the World is corruption. It is the corruption that is to be wiped away and the Earth that will be given Homage. Water is an important element of the painting and from Earth, to the great sea of the First heaven to the Tenth. In the different ascensions there are some that can go up and down, few can go down after rising. The Ark Angels have a special trust and place, and Enoch with Uriel as well as Gabriel, and many elder angels, guard and guide Enoch as he writes and acquires wisdom in the rapid transit of the heavens. Enoch goes up and see’s how hell is in heaven. That there are polarities, and places that are also for a time. A place we place ourselves until our prayers are refined and our voices uplifted.   The second Heaven is one of the most interesting judgements, a place where those who cannot control there mouths go for a while. Those who cannot stop the noise within nor be still. Those who blame others for everything and think they are right, for those who do not listen. For the arrogant and rambling gossipers, there is a place for them to talk to themselves. It is not a great spot, it is where ones have to humble themselves and be still, to clear the voices out of their head of confusion. This is a place that Angels dislike being watchers in.

Each Heaven is wonderfully designed and it is up to everyone to read the book for themselves. It will make ones ask very hard questions as well, about this world and the eternal life that we have thru the powers of the Most High Jah. I was struck by the beauty of Third heaven, a place for children and colors, a place of fruit and trees, and how the most ugly also dwell at the further gates.

The Book will make ones see that the the mission of purity of blood was for the Earth to witness the Original Man in Perfection as the Son, and the Father as the Conquering Lion of Judah. The plot to destroy man has been evident since before man was created. Angels there in Heaven were jealous that We as mankind would be given heavens of our own and free will. The history of much of the Scriptures is that of a mixed people with fallen angels. That the Torah and the Books we have been given in the Jude-Christian faith largely are from those that are neither all fallen angel or original man. They are of a people chosen to be a symbol of the world as a bridge of both the fall and rise of humanity in mixed race of ages. Noah was glowing white, eyes, mouth and hair, and this was a subject of concern to Enoch. It was then, he was shown so that he could answer his son Methuselah in his worry. In Heaven most have place, it has everything to do with there is no where to run to, Jah is there waiting, and has the next step. The soul is never done giving praise, as so it is not a place for reunion, more so communion. How and who we are is much more important, it about sorting the soul out.

That is the place of the Fifth Heaven.  The place of Grigori, soldiers that are giants from wars across time and history. From all countries and regions, those who were warriors to those who where police. These huge being’s have to enter and stay in there uniforms they had previous, as they are shown all the injustice and horror they were complicit in. They were not aware that they fought wars over a lie, and murdered the innocent. There they are shown what have done and weep. There they have to sort of their soul knowing now what they did not then. Seeing and feeling everyone they have hurt and inflicted without intentionally doing it. It is a place to pray, cry and work out the turmoil within. Two Angels visit daily with two trumpets each to tell them its time to sing and give praise! They do, though it is the worst singing every heard.

The Book of Enoch POSTER400a3

As we climb higher, Enoch will eventually speak to Jah and witness the Most High speak to others, Enoch will change clothes given to him by Uriel and join the High Chief Guardian Angels. Many have to stand in fire as they praise Jah in that closeness, we left in the early Heavens all that which is negative. From the sixth Heaven, the keeper of the seasons, and all is being recorded. The keeper of the seasons looks all directions at once, and holds each of the season appropriately. It seemed to have a queenly energy and InI wanted to show a hint of elegance.

The Seventh Heaven is where the Most High visits and has a place there. He reveals Himself as on a Throne as a man without a crown, as well as a elder with white hair. He travels around as so chooses with different appearances that are attractive and close to the nature of a Man of Righteousness. It is remarkable that the vision of Christ was so clear then, On the Seventh Heaven, Jahshua The Messiah, Sits where bands of angels giving praise as the Most High occupies that stage. The Seraphim s, and Cherubim s, surround and are painted in a traditional Ethiopian manner.

The Eight and Ninth heaven describe the place of the waters and the Zodiac. Each month as presented in an African fashion to describe the vibrations of each month and age, the movements of the sun and all the rotations.

The Tenth Heaven Is the dwelling place of the Most High Jah, Rastafari. Who sits in a Crystal Fyah Throne with multi forms of Angels around HIM. In the Fire, Ones must stand and be unmoved. The Power and Glow, the extreme immensity of The King of Creation is one that is hard to look at. It was painted in a different fashion in order to make it so the detail could not be seen due to the surge of virtue and love that is beyond that anything man can behold. When one’s look into the eye’s of Jah, and hear His Voice, those who are worthy, are still spiritually blinded by His Face and ears deafened by His Venerability. In Majesty, there The Almighty speaks of How Light was created and solidified to become the water, the water to become the land. It there that the 7 Ark Angels are, and Enoch is redressed.  Where The Highest of Ark Angels Michael makes his Oath, and lead the people into total surrender to the Omnipresence and Omnipurpose of the Supreme Creator. It is under the Seven Stars that The Word Sound Power was uttered, ” Akae Beka! ” a Oath, a Command, a Seal on the Heart that has become Flesh. That is a man of Right embodied. No free will, only total surrender to Jah Alone. As we were made By His Word, As in the Beginning was the Word, and it manifested, so in this time those who look for a sign will see no sign. The will only see a sign of the Prophet Jonas. The sign of repentance, and surrender and in His Majesties Mercy We R  saved. That we never stop climbing and in this time he that was Vaughn Benjamin has inclined and climbed. He has revealed to us all what This Oath is and that this is the living embodiment as the Mission for the Soul.

I am eternally thankful and filled with gratitude to be able to work with Midnite and now Akae Beka Project. In Perfect Love I thank everyone who has listened and shared Midnite over the years, and together we have been humbled over and over by this Spiritual Father. Over whelmed with Joy and Happiness, InI have grown and am starting a new phase of life. It is a Blessings beyond words to be able to help bring the Book of Enoch, The Ten Heavens for the Earth. I hope it will help all grow and read, that it will spark reasonings on our greatest purpose.

Psalm 86:12KJV

I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.

Psalm 52:9 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

I shall confess to you for eternity what you have done, and I shall proclaim your Name to a generation of generations before your righteous ones.

Psalm 30:12 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Therefore I shall sing praise to you and I shall not be silent. Lord Jehovah, my God, I shall confess you for eternity!


Power and Virtue of the Trinity.

One Jah.

Jah Rastafari, Emperor Haile Selassie I. King of Kings.


Ras Elijah Tafari.


Raising Our Expectations.This is about The Word, Your Word and Honoring Sound.

Meditations.For a long time I believed that if you dont expect anything you cant be disappointed. Sounded logical and in some ways it worked. But was I really saying, “People and their words are empty and I basically dont expect anything from them because they are worthless due to lack of integrity.”? How is that empowering,.. self or otherwise? Does it not sound more like giving up than giving in? It took some time and after seeing band after band not get paid I said, “This is about The Word, Your Word and Honoring Sound. not just money. ”
People in the music industry and in general look at musicians and artists as “extra’s” and not as serious as say a Lawyer or Doctor. Most certainly dont plan on ripping their lawyer off or lying to him because it doesn’t work (in their favor either). So why has the “Word” lost its meaning..The Orwellian Backward talk as well as the slick political media savoy sound bite train of lies without debate hasn’t helped. We are surrounded by liars, in Politics, Schools, Media and the Church. It would appear that lying is acceptable and the norm. We then are not surprised when we are lied to and then begin to accept it. Now we all know they lie and it is what it is… This is where the hopeless naivety of giving up and hope for best, comes in.
Expectations..Things are changing. Here is how it is before Heaven, What does Jah Expect? He Expects RIGHTEOUSNESS. Jah Expects the Best from all of us because we have it within us, He expects us to not lie and keep Our Word true because WE CAN. That He Created Us and We then are to be like H.I.M. Lets slow it down…
As a parent, if one said to their youth when they were lying, “Everyone is a lair what can I expect..” or when they hurt each other, ” The world is determined by war I guess that’s our nature..” that would be bad parenting. We dont have children to give up on them. We Expect and even demand Righteousness, and Moral thoughts. We tell them it is wrong and there are also repercussions. We know it’s wrong to say your dad was bad so we expect you to be bad. So why make room for it on a wide scale? When We don’t expect GOOD/GOD, we accept that which is unjust to be legit. This is why Bob Marley said, “Every Government on the planet is illegal.” We have allowed to the highest degree the most corrupt to rule in our name.
Accountability and the link to “afterlife”; Many of Us who feel we should do goodness for goodness sake rather than reward do not look for a heaven or after-life, with that said we do believe in Karma to one degree or another. Though the importance of doing Right no matter cannot be under scored the belief in better tomorrows may not just a pie in the sky. This idea of heaven presented through mainstream lenses seems ridiculous, and this is not where InI point to, what I do say is that when one’s take accountability of their actions the ability to then see error and then improve can begin. This is the start for remission, allowing redemption and liberation. This constant drive to take responsibility allows trust and faith to grow in and around the person, making a more peaceful and honest environment and knowing as well as creating a “Brighter Day”. The idea’s of heaven in terms of judgement and reckoning are ones that each person must take on presently and forevermore, so naturally there are many points in life where either thru our selves or the eventually renewal, we too will be judged in order to resume. An Employee must show each week that he is dependable, as does the employer, if one at any point is not there, both the top and bottom crumble. We may change jobs, or hire new employees, but our place in the Universal Realms is contained with our ability to perform.
The levels of guilt that are used to make ones fear judgement is a sin. When ones say or feel that something is not acceptable, and they expect more, this is a compliment. One’s in using the perspective of wanting to improve self will seek those who can show them where they are lacking and can do better. We must correct each other more or we will teach errors unknowingly. We must hold each other to Our Words, carefully explaining the importance of Your WORD. That we can control very little on this planet, one thing we can control is our mouth. Make Every Word Perfect because you can. Say what you mean and mean what you say. No More chucking and jiving.
The Truth is an Offense but not a sin. We Need more truth even it offends people. Feelings come and go, the truth stays.Do Good and Know Good will come to you,,yes Expect it. Do Evil and Expect Evil to come to you, yes Expect it. There are laws that preside on this reality, one is Good does Conquer over Evil. So for us to make room for stupidity and evil will only allow us to be food for them. Same with any form of suffering, killing animals for food, killing trees for homes, killing air for money, how the table turns. These same people will be food for suffering, will be slaves to their homes, and will suffocate on money. Tell and teach them so we as humanity do not lose our humanity. Show them so that we are not silent accomplices to the treachery the modern world.
“We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community.” Emperor Haile Selassie I said, in 2015 we must demand we become bigger now. We must get rid of the soft, spineless bad habits that are learned behavior from a lazy self destructive creed. Get the Positron to stop acting and raise up the frequency. Proton Time. No more losers in the winners circle. No more faking the funk, do your homework and then move to the next grade. Jah Expects straight A’s because you can do it. And there is no graduation so get used to refining and getting better and better, Forever Growing Like Jah Expands thru Love and Righteousness. That’s what we were made to Be and that is what We Are. JAH.
Rastafari Lives.
Selassie I be Praised.